Izzy has her hand again…and a new wig!!!

Just a quick post with some good news!

Izzy has her hand again...and a new wig!!!

Izzy was lucky this week, her wrist part came from Fairyland and she finally has her hand again πŸ˜€ And she was also spoiled, she got a new wig from Luts, and I love it on her!!! This girl has been a journey and a challenge to find a final look for but I think this might be it!!! Finally ❀

Sorry for the dark pic, but the light has been awful for pics lately, raining all the time…


Catching up and updates!

I have been a bit away and busy this last week but some things happened in my doll family that I wanted to talk about! I made some videos about these updates but the light has been awful for pictures so I ended up postponing the blog post about them…sorry about that!

First of all, I have been considering Pandora…and if she is Pandora or not!

As many of you know Fairyland released a new Minifee girl called Rin, and like most people I have been caught in their web…hehe! When I saw her I was like: “OMG IT’S TOTALLY PANDORA!!!”, so …yeah… I decided I am going to get her in the near future and re-shell my character Pandora (I’ll get her A-la-carte). She is so perfect for her I couldn’t resist ❀

Pandora...or maybe not?

Meanwhile this girl remains empty of a character, but I am totally going to keep her since she is such an awesome doll and a doll I wanted for a long time! I put a new wig on her, that I actually love, and I am going to make her another character I had sketched a while ago. For now I am still deciding her name and putting together her personality, but I am going to officially present her soon!

Pandora...or maybe not?

Hope you like the new her!

Also, my beautiful Arya got her amazing clothes!!! She got them a while ago…I still hadn’t had the light to take pictures though. They are two awesome commission sets by HarajukuDolls, this is her travelling outfit and I will take pics of her outfit soon, I hope!!! I simply and completely adore how they turned out and how she looks in them ❀

First: they are sooo amazingly done; second: Flo really managed to bring to life what I envisioned from my drawings and give them an unique taste and beautiful details!!!

Arya's travelling look :)

This is Arya’s travelling outfit, that she wears while on the move or while staying with the Nomads. It is made to be practical and comfortable, but still correspond to the “fashion sense” of this world she lives in. It is made out of simple fabrics and in layers to be adaptable to the various situations (it also has a cloak). I am planning on getting her a small dagger and something else to put in her little travel bag πŸ˜‰


Wind Dolls contacted me today saying my Izzy’s wrist part just shipped to me!!! YAY! Finally my girl will be complete again! πŸ˜€


Happy holidays!

Finally I had the time to do a couple of holidays pictures with my dollies. This year is the first Christmas in the new house and we are going to Portugal for Christmas to spend it with the family, so I decided not to buy a big tree but just a tiny one and some other simple decorations just to give the house a touch of Christmas (I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday!!!). Turns out it is the perfect size for my dolls so I thought it would be cute to create a scene out of it with the whole family, even those out of the story joined. Everyone helped out decorating the tree and afterwards we took a family pic with everyone together πŸ™‚

Happy Holidays!

The little girls decided to help with the decorations: Iris took care of the bows, Evie and Izzy were in charge of the rest of the decorations and Serena helped them out to reach the highest places. Also Charlotte together with Bee and Emi helped with the ornaments. Little Vanilla helped arrange Santa on the top of the tree and put his light in place.
George decided to play Santa himself and bring the presents to place under the tree and Eliza baked some cookies to welcome the real Santa while the others worked. Pandora was really excited about the cookies, and she wanted to eat them herself since she loves sweets (it is her first Christmas with the humans so she didn’t understand what they were for). Arya was quite confused about the whole thing too (since in her world there is not such thing as Christmas or Christmas trees) she spent the whole time wondering what the whole thing was about. Finally Alice, being a photography enthusiast, took care of the pictures to create some memories πŸ™‚

Happy Holidays!

When the tree was ready Alice set the timer and the whole family took a picture together with it. Pandora was lucky to get a cookie, because Eliza felt sorry for her and Santa eats too many cookies anyway!

I am not sure how much time I will have for other pictures and posts before Christmas, maybe I will post something else but I’m not sure, so me and my dolly family would like to wish you all Happy Holidays: a merry Christmas full of love and presents and a wonderful new year full of wonderful surprises and dolly goodness!!!


Concepts, impatience and solving problems…hopefully!

While waiting on my girls that went of for face-ups (I am so excited about them and I am getting sooo impatient it’s taking quite longer than I expected…:( ) , I am getting to the planning of concepts for the new dolls . They already existed as characters but I guess I never gave much thought about exactly how they looked so I decided to do a little Dream Selfy concept.
I am not going to develop much about them for now, because then I also like to confirm that the doll really works for what I had in mind, but I will give a basic description just to explain the picture.
Meet Penelope [Fairyland Feeple60 Chloe NS] and Ophelia [Luts Delf Arwen Light Tan]:

Ophelia and Penelope

Ophelia does not live in our dimension, however in her “steampunk-ish” world there is an secret organisation dedicated to travelling through dimensions, and she comes across it through her father (more about that lately as it is a complicated story), and that is how she comes to this dimension where she meets Penelope (that used to be the name of another doll I have, but it was also her original name and since I sold the other doll she keeps it!), who is actually a witch, but not a very well trained one (long story there too). Later they find out that their destinies are actually connected, and that is how the story goes on. Sorry if this is confusing but I don’t want to reveal much already and I am still working on this story πŸ™‚

OTHER NEWS: For those who read my previous post or follow me on Flickr, I hopefully am in the process of solving Izzy’s problem (my Littlefee Rachel who broke her hand connector piece). First I want to thank you everyone so much for all the suggestions and sweet comments πŸ™‚ Fairyland just told me to go through the dealer this time…c’mon!!! When the problem with Eliza’s arm happened they said I should go through them and not the dealer…now they say to go through the dealer…I don’t know what they think anymore! Maybe they are so busy they want to handle the less possible???? Well at least it seems like they will handle it through the dealer, which means I will have my substitute part: I am just waiting for confirmation from Wind Dolls. I have to say StΓ©phanie from Wind Dolls was really sweet and replied really fast to my e-mails and told me not to worry that she will handle everything and I will have my new part!! Hopefully it won’t take 2-3 months like Eliza’s arm though…

Hopefully I will get both my girls and the hand connector piece soon! Even if I won’t have much dolly time until December… 😦


Izzy’s Disaster!

A couple of days ago a disaster happened…here is what went on:

I noticed a month ago that Izzy (my Littlefee Rachel) had a crack in her left hand connector, and the magnet was coming out together with the hand each time I took it out. I thought of trying to close it again by re-glueing the magnet in and putting some putty to close the crack. however this weekend when I was ready to work on this little “project” I took of her hand and the resin part around the magnet simply broke and came out together with it!!!! I was totally shocked, because I never thought the crack could come up to this… I tried to re-glue it and put some epoxy but it didn’t work, it broke again… So I decided to contact Fairyland about this to ask if it would be possible to buy a new hand connector piece, but still no answer from them and I am afraid they won’t make an effort to help…she is an old doll and I bought her through a dealer at the time. Moreover this situation is a dejΓ‘ vu of Eliza’s broken arm and all the stress (and money) it took to get her a substitute piece from Fairyland! F 😦 I have to say they have beautiful dolls but their costumer service is awful (not to say something worse…)! or those who don’t remember or never read the story of Eliza’s arm here is what happened: https://dollwishes.wordpress.com/2010/06/20/23/
I don’t know what to do…maybe I will have to get her a new body if Fairyland doesn’t respond…but then even if she didn’t yellow much, she just slighty mellowed, it will be hard to find a good match for her a she is from 2010…Darn Fairyland!!! I am so sad and disappointed… I just want my little girl to have her hand again…but I don’t know what else to do…


EDIT: I just received a very vague answer from Fairyland, but at least they replied!!! They asked me some information and pictures, let’s hope they will solve the problem, fingers crossed!!!