Eliza’s new cat!

My new Elleodolls British Cat is home!

Eliza's New Cat

Eliza's New Cat

He doesn’t have a name yet but I decided he will be a male and he will be a gift from George to Eliza.
I am planning on making a kind of photostory of how he gives him to her, but I haven’t had much time lately for my dolls 😊

This little guy is so adorable though ❀

Eliza's New Cat

Eliza's New Cat

Check out my updates video for more about my new BJD cat:


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! <3

For the day of love I thought making a session with my 2 couples would be appropriate, I decided to show where their relationship stands and how different they are one from another!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

These two are in a point where things are going quite well, and they are quite passionate about everything (ahem…as you can see) ! They are such a beautiful couple and such loved dolls, I can’t imagine myself without them ❀

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

These two love birds are in a point where nothing is sure yet, they great partners and depend on each other but they really do not admit (yet) it is turning into something else and that they actually are beginning to feel something deeper. They are going through hard times but they feel safe together!
I am so happy about them and it feels amazing to finally have them as dolls ❀

Wish you a wonderful day full of love!


The boys!

Took some pictures of my only 2 boys! They are just awesome 😀

The boys!
George looks kind of girly next to Alek’s mature features, but I love the contrast between them, and they totally fit their characters 😉
George is the pretty boy and Alek is the though guy!

The boys!
George must be thinking: “Who does he think he is posing like that and being the though guy? I got here first!”
Yeah…I guess they would not be friends if they met, but right now they share a kind of “male solidarity” being the only men in the house! 😉

The boys!
I love George in this picture, I love how he turned out, it took me a while but I guess he is finally where I want him to be! Just need to get him some more clothes, but he has already a good style and wardrobe (even if I struggle finding goo shoes for him :S )

The boys!
I love Alek’s misterious look! Can’t get enough of it! I am still experimenting with posing him though…he is so masculine and mature the usual pretty boy minifee poses just look off!

I also did a body review for the new Iplehouse JID Model body, check the video:


Happy holidays!

Finally I had the time to do a couple of holidays pictures with my dollies. This year is the first Christmas in the new house and we are going to Portugal for Christmas to spend it with the family, so I decided not to buy a big tree but just a tiny one and some other simple decorations just to give the house a touch of Christmas (I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday!!!). Turns out it is the perfect size for my dolls so I thought it would be cute to create a scene out of it with the whole family, even those out of the story joined. Everyone helped out decorating the tree and afterwards we took a family pic with everyone together 🙂

Happy Holidays!

The little girls decided to help with the decorations: Iris took care of the bows, Evie and Izzy were in charge of the rest of the decorations and Serena helped them out to reach the highest places. Also Charlotte together with Bee and Emi helped with the ornaments. Little Vanilla helped arrange Santa on the top of the tree and put his light in place.
George decided to play Santa himself and bring the presents to place under the tree and Eliza baked some cookies to welcome the real Santa while the others worked. Pandora was really excited about the cookies, and she wanted to eat them herself since she loves sweets (it is her first Christmas with the humans so she didn’t understand what they were for). Arya was quite confused about the whole thing too (since in her world there is not such thing as Christmas or Christmas trees) she spent the whole time wondering what the whole thing was about. Finally Alice, being a photography enthusiast, took care of the pictures to create some memories 🙂

Happy Holidays!

When the tree was ready Alice set the timer and the whole family took a picture together with it. Pandora was lucky to get a cookie, because Eliza felt sorry for her and Santa eats too many cookies anyway!

I am not sure how much time I will have for other pictures and posts before Christmas, maybe I will post something else but I’m not sure, so me and my dolly family would like to wish you all Happy Holidays: a merry Christmas full of love and presents and a wonderful new year full of wonderful surprises and dolly goodness!!!


YouTube adventure!

Soooo…. I have been meaning to do this for a while now but I don’t have much time so I ended up never trying. But today I took a small break and I finally did a video!

Well, I recently found out about the YouTube BJD community, I think it is so much fun to watch other people with their dolls and talking about dolls, even when it’s just rambling 🙂 I love blogging in writing, but I was curious to try to make my own video. I am quite discreet and reserved, so it was kind of hard to start but when I got along with it it was actually a lot of fun!!! 😀

I am still not sure if this is a “thing”, I mean, I don’t know if I will be doing videos on a regular basis, but I am curious to know what people think 🙂

Here is my video:

This is my first video ever, I was uncomfortable at the beginning but then it was actually fun. I totally forgot to say half the stuff I wanted to say but well, I decided to post anyway and give it a try! Thank you for watching and enjoy!

And here are some awesome channels I love from people on the BJD hobby in case you are curious to watch some videos:




These were actually the first people in the BJD hobby I started following on Youtube and I have been quite addicted with their videos ever since…I now added other people but I am still exploring! I should start commenting, but I felt a bit stupid commenting without having any video in my own channel….maybe now I will 🙂

Other than that there are some good news: I heard back from Wind Dolls at the beginning of the week, and I am getting my piece!!! Already ordered it and it will arrive to them maximum in January (hopefully even before) YEY! Long wait but at least the problem was solved for the best 🙂