First Meeting in Milan!!!

Today, finally I had the chance to attend a meeting here in Milan (I am always unavailable when they take place)!!!

It was a very pleasant day, I met a lot of amazing people, some that I follow online forever now and it was good to connect the faces to the dolls, and also (obviously) full of beautiful dolls!!!

Here are some pictures, even if the weather was awful (and so was the light) so most of them were out of focus, and even these are a bit crappy!!! :S

Thank you everyone for the wonderful time ❤

Meeting Milano

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10 facts about Ophelia!

Sorry about not developing her story to great detail,or being confusing, but I am still in the process of figuring her out and her world out. However I wanted to do an official presentation for her since she has been inspiring me so much as a doll.

10 facts about Ophelia!

Name: Ophelia Rousseau
Age: 22 (not sure yet)
Doll: Luts Delf Arwen

1.Ophelia is part of The Travellers story. She is a dimension traveller that is she travels through dimensions. She got the travelling key (that she keeps on her neck) from her father, that is one of the high ranks of the secret association that regulates Dimension travelling, called Abyme. In her world it is not widely know that it is possible, just a few know about it.

2.Her world is different from ours, it is kind of Steampunk-ish looking world (I will develop it further soon). That is why she is very classic in the way she dresses, even when she lives in our dimension.

3.She travels to our dimension and she meets Penelope (who will be my incoming Feeple60 Chloe), that is a witch but still doesn’t know about it, and she is the only one who can help Ophelia go back(more on that soon).

4.She is very proper and precise; she loves things to be perfect and done her own way. She has been like that since she was little, she was not the kind of kid to do silly games and get dirty.

5.She is a scholar, she keeps her head in books most of the time, and she is really bright. She loves the scientific and investigation side of dimension travelling, and she lives basically for it. Also she thinks magic is overrated in comparison to science.

6.Her favorite color is burgundy.

7.She is really curious about everything. She grew up in a house full of secrets and mystery, and there she developed a taste for the unknown. So much that when she was 10 (and she didn’t know about the travellers yet) she found her father’s key hidden in his study and she used it opening a door to a different dimension. Her father stopped her before she could enter and get lost but he obviously had to explain everything there and then about what it was about, because little Ophelia did not stop asking questions and he was afraid she would go around asking about it.

8.She takes after her mother physically; she is almost the exact copy of when she was younger.

9.She has a big crush on one of the younger time travellers, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. She thinks it is a waste of time to worry about love and that sort of thing. She never was in a relationship, also because in her world courting is still very traditional. Not that she didn’t have proposals, but she refused all of them.

10.She is an only child and she is really close to her mother and especially her father, who is her role model.


Beautiful Ophelia <3

I just remembered I didn’t post her good pictures here!

Not the best pictures but the light wasn’t helping at all! However I wanted to take some good pictures of this girl asap!!! Hopefully will take more soon and present her officially 🙂

Beautiful Ophelia

Beautiful Ophelia

Beautiful Ophelia

I am totally in love with her, she is sooo amazing it doesn’t seem real that she is my doll! And surprisingly I love her size ❤

However, she got me thinking about my collection and I decided to sell a couple of dolls! Find out more in this video or on the links below:

Yeah… I decided to put 2 dolls up for sale, my new Ophelia made me wonder about my current collection and I think it is for the best! Here is all the info, if you are interested or want more info please contact me on DoA or e-mail me here: sofia_gpinheiro@hotmail.com (I ship from ITALY)

1) Iplehouse nYID Bianca (Peach Gold skin and default face-up) _SOLD
On DoA: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?612222-EU-Iplehouse-nYID-Bianca-(Peach-Gold)-600
More pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/w_i_s_h_e_s/sets/72157631626229574/
Company page: http://iplehouse.com/home/shop/item.php?it_id=1539390392&nhn1=en

2) AnotherSpace 43cm Peanut NS -SOLD
On DoA: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?612224-EU-Another-Space-Peanut-(NS)-250
More pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/w_i_s_h_e_s/sets/72157636328124556/


Box from Luts!!!

Ophelia is home ❤

Ophelia is home!!! <3

OMG!!! I am totally in love with her!!! I will present her soon, she is my Luts Delf Arwen in Light Tan Skin and with the default face-up 🙂

Sorry about the crappy phone pic but the light was already gone and terrible for pics (hopefully it will stop raining, it has been raining for 2 weeks without stoping) …I will take some proper pics as soon as possible (hopefully tomorrow?)!!! 😀

Oh! And my Azone doll shipped, hopefully she arrives soon!!! 🙂

Here is her BO video:


Future Pandora: Minifee Rin

I just put a Fairyland Minifee Rin on Layaway at Wind Dolls 🙂
She will be Normal skin and have a M-line Hybrid body with cutie bust and #9 hands! She will also have the gorgeous default face up! And I will also get the Littlefee Sarang faceplate that I think is adorable, still have to decide what to do with it though…

Future Pandora: Minifee Rin
[image from Fairyland]

I am going to change Pandora’s character slightly, she will still be shy and discreet avoiding to speak to humans, but she will be cuter and a bit childish. I envision her using cute bright /light colored clothes instead of mori inspired ones. She will also be a curious little one 😉

Can’t wait to get her, I am so excited about it! Too bad Fairyland is taking ages to ship out orders… I am still waiting on my Feeple60 Chloe, too…

Talking about waiting: I just learned that Ophelia (my Arwen) is shipping from Luts! Since I ordered her through a dealer she will probably be home in about 2 weeks (hopefully faster!) YAY!