The Travellers

The Travellers is about a secret society int the victorian steampunk-ish times that studies and practices dimension travelling for scientific research. The main character is Ophelia, who is the daughter of a very influential scientist in this society and she becomes a dimension-traveller herself. She is one of the best at what she does, until for an unexpected reason her travel-partner Noah disappears in “our” dimension and she gets stuck here. She then has to find out how she can go back and more importantly how to find him.

The Dolls

Ophelia Rousseau [Luts Delf Arwen]
Isadora Drake [Volks SD13 DWC #2]
Niza Moon [Supia Doll Rosy]
James Lawrence [Migidoll M-Style Yujin]
Noah Myska [Migidoll M-Style Cho]
? [Fairyland Feeple60 Mirwen]


Ophelia Rousseau
ophelia.png Arrived: February 3rd, 2014
Sculpt: Luts Delf Arwen
Body: Type 3 Delf body
Skin: Light Tan Skin
Face-up: Company default
Eyes: 14mm E-22 from Captured in Glass
Wig: Evasdolls Burgundy 8-9
Age: 23
Birthday: February 3rd


Isadora Drake
Isadora.png Arrived: December 15th, 2014
Sculpt: Volks Super Dollfie DWC #2 (Dollfie World Cup)
Body: Volks SD13
Skin: NS
Face-up: by Paya the momizii
Eyes: 16mm Red Mako Eyes
Wig: FormyDoll FMDL-1058 Cherry Wine 8-9
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown


Niza Moon
niza Arrived: September 10th, 2015
Sculpt: Supiadoll Supia Rosy
Body: Old single-jointed body
Skin: NS
Face-up: by La Coterie de la Lune
Eyes: 12mm Samumu XB-06 (by Sweetiiger)
Wig: Sweetiiger Mohair black long straight hair 7-8
Age: 25
Birthday: September 14th


James Lawrence
lawrence Arrived: September 12th, 2015
Sculpt: Migidoll M-Style Yujin
Body: BNB 16th Body
Skin: NS A
Face-up: Company default
Eyes: Custom 14mm EN-18 with 12mm pupil from Capture in Glass
Wig: CustomCritterDesigns Dark Brown 21-22cm
Age: 28
Birthday: June 12th


Noah Myska
Arrived: October 8th, 2015
Sculpt: Migidoll M-Style Cho
Body: M-Cute Type
Skin: NS A
Face-up: Unknown artist (custom)
Eyes: Light Blue (unknown brand)
Wig: Jeeryama Mohair golden-brown curl 8-9
Age: 27
Birthday: October 8th
Arrived: February 25th, 2017
Sculpt: Fairyland Feeple60 Mirwen
Body: Feeple60 A-line body
Skin: NS
Face-up: by griveous_girl
Eyes: Enchanted Doll