I’m so sorry I have been away lately and I haven’t been paying much attention to dolls or stories…
I havent had a lot on my mind and not a lot of time because of school work and other stuff.
Also since my dear Eliza (she was my muse) broke her arm that I have been kind of disappointed about dolls and Fairyland…not that I don’t love them or that I want to sell them but I can’t help remembering how long this process to get her a new arm has been… I have been contacting Think Pink for about a month, and they said they could handle it but it would be 28 $ and it would take like 2-3 months for me to get the new arm part. I asked if I could handle it directly with Fairyland and Fairyland replied it would be an extra 35 $ shipping!!! I guess its better than waiting but its still said… and nothing is settled yet so I’m not sure how long it will still take. Now, everything I look at my dollies I think there is this problem and I dont get that inspired to play with them or make up stories, especially since Ellie was one of the main characters… I how you understand why I have been away, sorry…

I think shes perfect, cant wait to get her new arm…

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