Getting ready for LDoll 2016

Hello everyone,

Long time no post, I won’t even go into details… life! I have been participating in the BJD community using other platforms, for example Youtube and Instagram (@doll_wishes), so feel free to follow me there.

There are so many news, but that will be a topic for another time. I am currently getting ready for LDoll 2016 next weekend! Exciting! I am not sure but I would like to get a doll there…we will see! Kalea [my MerrydollRound Fang] is coming with me and I guess nobody else. I might add someone smaller to the mix too, but she is so much doll already so I don’t know if it is too much. Maybe Lusine [my DoD Meel], since she is little.

I also have been working on this blog and updating the looks and the character profiles. I really need to take some new pictures of some of my dolls! That’s on the to-do list for when I have some time 🙂

I will report something when I come back from LDoll, but I leave you with a photo of wonderful Kalea and how she looks now. I absolutely adore this girl!



Looking at SD boys…

Looking at SD boys...

As you probably know I have been thinking about getting a SD boy for quite a while to shell the missing character of my SD Story “The Travellers”, however until now something else always comes in the way …hehe
I have been looking at new possibilities for sculpts now that I have a better idea of him and his character and I decided to make a sort of wishlist to share with you guys 🙂

These boys are quite different but I guess it will depend on the direction the character takes, however I see in them something of him and I love the sculpts!!! ❀

For now the ones inspiring me the most are Dreaming Doll Khan and Ringdoll Lucifer, but since I am not getting him immeadiately I guess that it still can change a bit 😉

Who is your favorite? Any owners of any of them are also welcome to leave a comment with your opinions 😀

Also I just wanted to let you know that I haven't been having much time for dolls lately. I am going to be a bit away for the next couple of weeks because of some big changes going on in my life, but I will be back soon 🙂

Meanwhile I leave you with a sweet picture of Lusine (more on my Flickr) to keep you company. This girl just makes me happy, I feel so lucky to have her ❀

Sweet Lusine


Eliza’s new cat!

My new Elleodolls British Cat is home!

Eliza's New Cat

Eliza's New Cat

He doesn’t have a name yet but I decided he will be a male and he will be a gift from George to Eliza.
I am planning on making a kind of photostory of how he gives him to her, but I haven’t had much time lately for my dolls 😊

This little guy is so adorable though ❀

Eliza's New Cat

Eliza's New Cat

Check out my updates video for more about my new BJD cat:


Cousins, but like sisters

Cousins, but like sisters

Anouk and Padma are cousins and are really close.

Anouk is currentely 12-13 years old and is the only daughter of the younger sister of Padma’s mother, who left the Dorani camp to marry a Citizen (an outsider) and therefore cut all relationship with her family. There is a lot of prejudice between the Dorani (the Nomads) and the Citizens and therefore their marriage was really polemic. When her mother died during the birth of her second child who was a stillborn, Anouk’s father didn’t know what to do with her, since there was so much prejudice against her being of a mixed marriage that he brought her to Padma’s family hoping for a better future for her. She was 10 and that is how she came to live at the camp.

Padma immediately liked the little girl and seeing that she also was blessed by the Healing talent made her decide to take her as her ward and tech her the knowledge of the family. Anouk started helping Padma out during her rounds and her travels, making medicines and curing patients.

Anouk is still getting used to living with the Dorani, and though she really feels at home she still has a lot from her years living in the City. She is a shy sweet girl and therefore also hard to notice. But Padma protects and loves her as if she was her real sister.

Cousins, but like sisters