Still here!

It has been quite a while since I posted anything and since I had any time for dolls… I am sorry that I haven’t been commenting much, I just wanted to let you know I keep following everyone’s pictures and videos.

As for news, I got my Minifee Nanuri 2014 head and I love her!!! However I didn’t even have time to take pictures of her I just cleaned her face-up off to send her to the face-up artist. I’ll have her and my little Lusine (Dust of Doll Meel) painted by the amazing Luna from La Coterie della Lune! I am super excited: can’t wait to have them back 😀

In other news Arya is looking quite different! First she got a new wig recently, that I haven’t showed yet. It’s a gorgeous Alpaca wig commission from KagamiDesign on Etsy (that I totally recommend). I had been wanting a wig like this for a while and finally Arya looks like herself. This is her natural hair, wavy and a bit “puffy”, however when she lived in Eden (before she run away) she used to wear it straight and longer, and her maids spent hours making it look “perfect”.

 Someone else's story...

Here she is also wearing my latest commission from HarajukuDolls, which is in reality Padma’s outfit (hence the title). But it was so gorgeous I couldn’t resist dressing Arya with it. I think she looks amazing, can’t wait to try it on Padma when I have her with me again…(hopefully in the beginning of October)! As usual I totally adore Flo’s work: she is so talented ❤ And she has been nominated the official seamstress of Edenia!!!

More pictures, because she is gorgeous:

Someone else's story...

Someone else's story...

Someone else's story...


News, updates, LDoll and new dolls :)

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I know I have been quite away in the last weeks, but I was totally busy for various reasons, and I am having close to zero “dolly time” lately! So here is finally some explaining and some news:

I have been two weeks in vacation in Portugal at the end of July and before that I simply was so stressed and exhausted I simply had no strength for dolls or blogging. The last week before I went there was really busy and I had so little time to prepare everything, that I ended up not even bringing any of my dolls with me. The truth is that I probably wouldn’t have had much time for them while I was there anyways but I will never know. The vacation was great by the way: I really needed a break and I finally had time to relax and be with my family and friends (which has been hard since I am leaving in Germany). Now I am ready for the next phase! Obviously when I came back I had some stress and new organizing again, so the time for dolls is still just a few, however I also have some awesome news: I got a job from the beginning of October, which means I will be staying in Germany for now, and I will finally be able to bring my dolls here sometime in the next months!!! Finally I will have them all again and maybe I will even find the inspiration (and time!) to post some Youtube videos again! Obviously I will have a lot to do in the next months other than that, including finding a new house and moving in (for now I had a provisory place only), so the dolls will have to wait a while but I can’t wait to bring them with me. I will let you know more when there are some other news 😉

LDoll! I'll be there!

In other awesome news, I will be going to LDoll 5 this year too!!! I waited a while before booking (since I didn’t know how it would go with my internship and whether I would be working in October) but finally I got the confirmation I can go and I am really excited! LDoll has become an obligatory event on my calendar since the first time I went and this year it is probably going to be more exciting, because so many people I know are coming too (obviously apart from all the awesome doll companies: SOOM, OMG!). I think it is going to be absolutely awesome!!!

As for dolls, I am currently still waiting on my CeriseDolls Millie Choupie in Tan Skin, that should be arriving this month, or maybe in September (hopefully)! I can’t wait to have her: I have so many awesome ideas for her character and I commissioned a really cool outfit from the amazing Floriana from HarajukuDolls, which is super exciting!!! And there is also another new face coming (literally!): I just got a Minifee Nanuri 2014 faceplate of the DoA Marketplace! I really don’t need a new Minifee at the moment, but I couldn’t resist. I have been resisting all this time since they released her and I just kept coming back and every time I saw her for sale I would just have to convince myself not to buy her…which was getting quite stressful! So I decided not to go against it anymore and just get her already! She will be sharing a body for now, until I decide what to do with her and get the funds to buy her a body of her own J I currently have no character for her though… I have some characters of mine that I think could work, but I am not sure yet, so I will wait for her to tell me herself, if she is one of those or someone new. She should ship this week so she will be at home soon!

Here is a picture from her previous owner:

New face on the way!

Lastly, I am really excited that I am having a Doll Meeting this weekend, for now I will keep all details for myself, but I will try to make a post about it after. I am really looking forward to a dolly filled day in good company after such stressful weeks! Can’t wait!!! Sorry for the huge post but there were so many exciting news to share! I will keep you posted!


Pandora is home (again)!

Pandora, my FL Minifee Rin arrived to me today after 5 months and I am so happy to have her again (for those who don’t know she used to be my Unoa Minifee Hybrid but it didn’t work out). The last weeks have been really heavy and tiring and I feel totally exhausted, so she was a great way to finish the week 🙂 Too bad I am going on a small trip tomorrow and I will not have time to play much with her, but Monday I’ll be back, and it’s holiday here, so hopefully I will have time then. For now I must say she is so stunning!!!! And she is more perfect for Pandora than I even had imagined ❤

 Pandora arrived!

She is a Minifee Rin from Fairyland in NS with the default face-up, and she has an Hybrid M-Line body with the Cutie Bust (it looks much more proportionate than the M-Line body bust options in my opinion). Her wig (from Leeke World) and eyes (from Captured in Glass) turned out so well I was even surprised and I got her this dress from FoxyBrowny that couldn’t have been more perfect (it even matched her hair!!!): she looks like lavender cotton candy and incredibly sweet!

Pandora arrived!

Pandora arrived!

Box Opening

This time I had no time to make a video BO so I decided to take pictures, hope you enjoy:
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Millie Choupie: loving artist dolls <3

Oh well, I couldn’t resist!
My birthday was not long ago and when I learned that Lillycat Cerisedolls was re-releasing Millie Choupie AND there was a Dark Tan option I had to have her (I shouldn’t be getting more dolls but I asked for her as partly a b-day gift and I put the rest on layaway)!!! She is so amazing and she will have the default face-up that I think is just stunning! I am becoming a huge fan of artist dolls: I am totally in love with my little Meel, I guess they will be in the same “story”.
I already have big plans for her and I can’t wait to have some funds to get her some things. OMG I am so excited!!! Too bad it will still be a long wait 🙂

Millie Choupie
[image from Lillycat CeriseDolls]

AND the other good news are: guess who was shipped from Korea? My MNF Rin!!! She will go to the dealer in France and then come to me, hopefully in a couple of weeks she will be home! 😀