w.i.s.h.e.s is a personal blog created to share my doll hobby and everything connected.

I discovered BJD in 2009 and for me they became a way to materialize the characters from the stories I create for fun and make them more “real”. Since they all have a strong personality and background I started creating photostories about them and their interactions and I had the need to create a “database” for those stories, a place where they could be organized. And this is mainly how w.i.s.h.e.s was born as a blog, first on LiveJournal and more recently on WordPress.

The Photostories and the Characters

My dolls are a way of representing my original characters I create coming from a variety of stories never put to paper, some more developed than others.

In their doll form most of my characters are  part of a “family” and interact creating their own story based on the personality I gave them in a story called “wishes” (my main MSD story). I started doing my photostories as a way to share my passion for these dollies and their stories together, and I ended up enjoying a lot making them also for myself. They helped me bring my characters to life and understand and develop them in unexpected ways! Unfortunately I don’t have so much time anymore so the photostories are currently on hiatus.

I still work on my dolls though and started exploring other stories with them. Currently I have other two main stories: “The Travellers” and “Edenia”.

However you can still find my photostories in this blog. They started with simple experiments and box openings that then started improving and evolving into more complex plots as I started expanding my dolly collection and getting more technique in making them. Please don’t mind my first attempts, I only keep them in this site so everyone is able to see them and understand the beginning of my characters 🙂

Why w.i.s.h.e.s?

My first personal site was called wishes and it always has been a word that I like. I thought it was appropriate to name my photostory series like that, it really gives a personal feeling of what is going on and my characters behaviours and ambitions 🙂

About me

My name is Sofia and I am a 29 year-old Designer from Lisbon, Portugal, living in Germany.

I love Arts and History, Design, Reading, Cinema, Disney and animation in general, Traveling and Dolls.

I started collecting BJD in 2009 and since I discovered them, they became my passion. I am obsessed with Fairyland and their dolls, and that is why most of my dolls are from them. In the last couple of years I started exploring other companies and enjoying other aesthetics for the dolls though. Read this meme for more info about me and how I got into this hobby (it’s a bit old but it helps you get an idea).

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