Here you can find an index of all the photostories I made from the w.i.s.h.e.s series. If you prefer to read all of them you can also click here.

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My photostories started with simple box openings and experiments but with the more dolls I got they started to get more complex and turned into a series. The main character is Eliza, a Minifee Rheia, and the episodes are mostly about how she relates to the other characters and especially to George.


Eliza D’Aurey [FL MNF Rheia]
George Bradford [FL MNF Carl]
Charlotte Fay [FL MNF Ryeon]
Alice Bradford [FL MNF Shushu]
Beatrice Fay [FL LTF Ante Human]
Isabelle Fay [FL LTF Rachel]
Iris Cupid [FL PKF Bonnie]
Evelyn Sprout [FL PKF Ante]
Gwendolyn Faelen [FL PKF Luna]
Vanilla Moonlily [FL Puki Flora]

Story Index

45- Family Ties
44- Cupcake Friend
43- Promise Me
42- Doubtful
41- In Need of Romance…
40- Finally back again!
39- Don’t Be Sad…
38- Careful! She’s Dangerous!
37- Crisis
36- Caught in the Middle
35- The Announcement
34- Misunderstandings
33- Healed
32- Childhood Love
31- Message to Mina #3
30- Happy Ending?
29- We Are Family Now
28- Not as it Seems
27- The Big Surprise (Part 2)
26- The Big Surprise (Part 1)
25- Together Forever
24- Getting used to Weird
23- Who is this girl?
22- The Next Day…
21- No Privacy
20- Message to Mina #2
19- Feeling Better
18- Disaster!
17- Message to Dylan
16- Not a Fairytale
15- Confessions
14- Message to Mina #1
13- Prince Charming
12- First Love?
11- Unexpected
10- Playtime
09- Headless No More! (Box Opening)
08- What is happening???
07- Eliza is back!!(Box Opening)
06- The Big Box (Box Opening)
05- Headless Body arrives! (Box Opening)
04- Vanilla, the fairy, arrives! (Box Opening)
03- Christmas Wishes
02- Beatrice, my little angel, is home! (Box Opening)
01- Eliza arrives! (Box Opening)