Izzy’s Disaster!

A couple of days ago a disaster happened…here is what went on:

I noticed a month ago that Izzy (my Littlefee Rachel) had a crack in her left hand connector, and the magnet was coming out together with the hand each time I took it out. I thought of trying to close it again by re-glueing the magnet in and putting some putty to close the crack. however this weekend when I was ready to work on this little “project” I took of her hand and the resin part around the magnet simply broke and came out together with it!!!! I was totally shocked, because I never thought the crack could come up to this… I tried to re-glue it and put some epoxy but it didn’t work, it broke again… So I decided to contact Fairyland about this to ask if it would be possible to buy a new hand connector piece, but still no answer from them and I am afraid they won’t make an effort to help…she is an old doll and I bought her through a dealer at the time. Moreover this situation is a dejá vu of Eliza’s broken arm and all the stress (and money) it took to get her a substitute piece from Fairyland! F 😦 I have to say they have beautiful dolls but their costumer service is awful (not to say something worse…)! or those who don’t remember or never read the story of Eliza’s arm here is what happened: https://dollwishes.wordpress.com/2010/06/20/23/
I don’t know what to do…maybe I will have to get her a new body if Fairyland doesn’t respond…but then even if she didn’t yellow much, she just slighty mellowed, it will be hard to find a good match for her a she is from 2010…Darn Fairyland!!! I am so sad and disappointed… I just want my little girl to have her hand again…but I don’t know what else to do…


EDIT: I just received a very vague answer from Fairyland, but at least they replied!!! They asked me some information and pictures, let’s hope they will solve the problem, fingers crossed!!!

4 thoughts on “Izzy’s Disaster!

  1. I hope Fairyland do help you out with this. I wonder if this is a quality issue … I know Fairyland are getting a lot of flack at the moment because of something they posted on their twitter. Definitely keep us up to date on whether you are able to get replacement pieces for her.

    I was going to suggest if you can’t, maybe use s-hook but I don’t think the LTF size has an older body that uses s-hooks like the MNF bodies do. At least with the MNF, you can swap out the magnet hands with s-hook hands but not so sure you can do that with LTFs.

    As a last resort, maybe a WTB on DoA for those parts? You might get lucky … Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

    I have to admit, this is something I worry about with the PKF hands too.

    I was changing out my Carl’s eyes last night and noticed there is something wrong with his neck mechanism – it took a bit of muscle grease to actually turn the darn thing to lock his head in place. I never noticed before as I don’t tend to fiddle so much with his head. (I bought him from FL in January this year).

    • Hopefully now that I got hold of them they will continue replying and solve the problem, even if I might need to wait a while for the part to get to me. From what I heard they are having quality issues with newer dolls, especially the tan batch (they had way many more orders than they could handle and they didn’t admit it…now they are closing some lines to get back together). I guess that’s not the problem with Rachel, even if I think it was because probably the magnet was too strong and the resin couldn’t handle it (maybe because it was a bit thinner than it usual, or maybe because I change her hands regularly). I guess resin dolls can have defects and things that break over time, they are kind of fragile and we know it. What really is frustrating is that when you contact them for a piece (even if you are willing to pay for it) they don’t respond, then make a scene about knowing everything and then make you wait months….why??? I had a little problem with my new Another Space girl, and they send me the substitute part for free in a week!!! (it went so smoothly I didn’t even feel the need to write about it! You pay a lot of money for these dolls and they the costumer service is awful, you have a problem with them, they complicate everything! (its not like I am trowing them away just because a little piece broke to buy a new one right?) sorry about ranting….:)
      I will see how it works with Fairyland and then if it comes to that try to do what you suggested…maybe someone will sell the part. And hopefully theres nothing wrong with your Carl…! I know that at least the MNF neck piece you can buy from them separately in the normal shop, in case you need.

  2. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too!

    I’m wondering if some ApoxySculpt might be able to help you? You could dremel a bit so the piece fits back in nicely, and then apoxysculpt it back in?

    • Thank you!!! I tried epoxy already though…and superglue and every other suggestion people gave me…the problem is the magnet is so strong it keeps staying inside the hand again…well I guess I’ll have to wait…

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