Still here!

It has been quite a while since I posted anything and since I had any time for dolls… I am sorry that I haven’t been commenting much, I just wanted to let you know I keep following everyone’s pictures and videos.

As for news, I got my Minifee Nanuri 2014 head and I love her!!! However I didn’t even have time to take pictures of her I just cleaned her face-up off to send her to the face-up artist. I’ll have her and my little Lusine (Dust of Doll Meel) painted by the amazing Luna from La Coterie della Lune! I am super excited: can’t wait to have them back πŸ˜€

In other news Arya is looking quite different! First she got a new wig recently, that I haven’t showed yet. It’s a gorgeous Alpaca wig commission from KagamiDesign on Etsy (that I totally recommend). I had been wanting a wig like this for a while and finally Arya looks like herself. This is her natural hair, wavy and a bit “puffy”, however when she lived in Eden (before she run away) she used to wear it straight and longer, and her maids spent hours making it look “perfect”.

 Someone else's story...

Here she is also wearing my latest commission from HarajukuDolls, which is in reality Padma’s outfit (hence the title). But it was so gorgeous I couldn’t resist dressing Arya with it. I think she looks amazing, can’t wait to try it on Padma when I have her with me again…(hopefully in the beginning of October)! As usual I totally adore Flo’s work: she is so talented ❀ And she has been nominated the official seamstress of Edenia!!!

More pictures, because she is gorgeous:

Someone else's story...

Someone else's story...

Someone else's story...


White Flowers

Last weekend I made a photoshoot with my dear Arya and I finally had the time to edit it. This series has a lot of photos, that I won’t upload all at one. Instead I decided to upload in groups (and this is the first of 3). I am really proud of how they turned out, so I hope you enjoy and don’t find them to repetitive πŸ˜‰

I was lucky to find this beautiful miniature roses in a shop and I though they would be perfect for a Arya, to complete the mood to a photoshoot I had been imagining for quite a while. In these photos I try to portrait her before she escapes home and meets Alex. When she was still Arianne (Arya is the fake name she takes when she leaves home) almost a “prisoner” in her own home, kept away from the world. I tried to show her innocence and solitude, but at the same time how she resigned to her lonely life. Obviously this is no actual “scene” in a story, its more an abstract and poetic scene to set a mood.

She also has a new wig (probably you noticed), I love the color on her, but her natural hair is wavy, so this is how her hair would look like when she lived at home, and she had to straighten it every morning to look perfect and precise (since society in Eden, where she is from, is quite strict). I am currently waiting on an alternative wavy wig for her, *fingers crossed* for it to work πŸ™‚

Also, I am always amazed at how gorgeous this girl looks, she is just so beautifully sculpted and painted. She is probably one of the most beautiful dolls I ever seen. And the gorgeous dress she is wearing is by amazing Floriana from HarajukuDolls (the official stylist from my story Edenia) πŸ˜€

Enjoy the pictures below Β (click “continue reading”Β to see all of them)

White Flowers
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Happy Valentine’s Day!!! <3

For the day of love I thought making a session with my 2 couples would be appropriate, I decided to show where their relationship stands and how different they are one from another!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

These two are in a point where things are going quite well, and they are quite passionate about everything (ahem…as you can see) ! They are such a beautiful couple and such loved dolls, I can’t imagine myself without them ❀

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

These two love birds are in a point where nothing is sure yet, they great partners and depend on each other but they really do not admit (yet) it is turning into something else and that they actually are beginning to feel something deeper. They are going through hard times but they feel safe together!
I am so happy about them and it feels amazing to finally have them as dolls ❀

Wish you a wonderful day full of love!


Meet Alek!!!!

My new JID Owen (realskin+Model body) from Iplehouse arrived today!!!

Meet Alek!

His name is Aleksander Aalders, also known as Wolf, and he is part of Arya’s story and world!

He is a wanderer/vagabond, he was part of what is called the Resistence, a melicia opposition to the regime of Eden, and he has a pretty dark past. Recently he redeemed himself and decided to leave it an travel, spending most of his time with the Nomads and doing various jobs for them. He spends his life in the shadows and he has to be discreet because he doesn’t want people to find out about his past.

Meet Alek!

When Arya escapes her family and gets lost, he finds her and decides to help her bringing her to the closest Nomad camp. They then become “partners” in their travels, because of their common interest of not being found πŸ˜€

Obviously later in the story they will become a couple, because I am and incurable hopeless romantic ❀

Partners in crime <3

He looks so PERFECT with Arya!!! I am soooooo happy about them! I love him, and how well his style fits with hers πŸ™‚ I just wish he was a bit taller , because Naraes are so freaking tall!!! But still they are amazing, I am so happy I chose him for Alek πŸ™‚

Partners in crime <3

Hope you love him (Arya sure does!) πŸ˜‰ I am so happy he is here!!!!!!!!!



Catching up and updates!

I have been a bit away and busy this last week but some things happened in my doll family that I wanted to talk about! I made some videos about these updates but the light has been awful for pictures so I ended up postponing the blog post about them…sorry about that!

First of all, I have been considering Pandora…and if she is Pandora or not!

As many of you know Fairyland released a new Minifee girl called Rin, and like most people I have been caught in their web…hehe! When I saw her I was like: “OMG IT’S TOTALLY PANDORA!!!”, so …yeah… I decided I am going to get her in the near future and re-shell my character Pandora (I’ll get her A-la-carte). She is so perfect for her I couldn’t resist ❀

Pandora...or maybe not?

Meanwhile this girl remains empty of a character, but I am totally going to keep her since she is such an awesome doll and a doll I wanted for a long time! I put a new wig on her, that I actually love, and I am going to make her another character I had sketched a while ago. For now I am still deciding her name and putting together her personality, but I am going to officially present her soon!

Pandora...or maybe not?

Hope you like the new her!

Also, my beautiful Arya got her amazing clothes!!! She got them a while ago…I still hadn’t had the light to take pictures though. They are two awesome commission sets by HarajukuDolls, this is her travelling outfit and I will take pics of her outfit soon, I hope!!! I simply and completely adore how they turned out and how she looks in them ❀

First: they are sooo amazingly done; second: Flo really managed to bring to life what I envisioned from my drawings and give them an unique taste and beautiful details!!!

Arya's travelling look :)

This is Arya’s travelling outfit, that she wears while on the move or while staying with the Nomads. It is made to be practical and comfortable, but still correspond to the “fashion sense” of this world she lives in. It is made out of simple fabrics and in layers to be adaptable to the various situations (it also has a cloak). I am planning on getting her a small dagger and something else to put in her little travel bag πŸ˜‰


Wind Dolls contacted me today saying my Izzy’s wrist part just shipped to me!!! YAY! Finally my girl will be complete again! πŸ˜€