Edenia is my favorite and most developed story, even though I just own the most important characters in doll-form. It is set in a fantasy world similar to our own, with a very conservative and almost medieval society. A really quick and dirty summary: Arya, the main character has to run away from her uncle because he is trying to kill her, and she finds herself completely lost and alone in an unknown world. That is when she meets Alek, who becomes her companion in her escape.

The Dolls

Arya Lyn [D-storic Narae Dreamer N416]
Aleksander Aalders [IH JID Owen]
Padma Darzim [Souldoll SoulKid Arina]
Anouk Darzim [IH KID Irene]


Arya Lyn
arya.png Real Name: Arianne Llewellyn
Arrived: August 30th, 2013
Sculpt: D-storic Narae Dreamer N416 with large bust
Skin: Korean Real Skin
Face-up: by La Coterie de la Lune
Eyes: 10 mm light blue glass eyes from Iplehouse
Wig: Chestnut Brown Angora Mohair Custom from KagamiDesign
Age: 19
Birthday: November 28th


Aleksander Aalders

Nickname: Wolf
Arrived: January 23rd, 2014
Sculpt: Iplehouse JID Owen
Body: Model body
Skin: Realskin
Face-up: Company default C
Eyes: 10 mm E35 from Captured in Glass
Wig: Iplehouse IHW_S065 in Sienna 7-8
Age: 21
Birthday: January 23rd


Padma Darzim


Arrived: March 4th, 2014
Sculpt: SoulDoll Soul-Kid Arina
Body: NL Body
Skin: Sandybrown skin
Face-up: Company default
Eyes: 10mm E-12 from Captured in Glass
Wig: Sweetiiger Mohair flaxen long straight hair 6-7
Age: 21
Birthday: March 4th


Anouk Darzim
Anouk.png Arrived: February 7th, 2015
Sculpt: Iplehouse KID Irene
Skin: Peach Gold
Face-up: Company default C
Eyes: 12mm Iplehouse Fei Xiang Glass Eye FX T14
Wig: Iplehouse IHW_SS033 Dark Brown
Age: 13
Birthday: February 7th