Beautiful Ophelia <3

I just remembered I didn’t post her good pictures here!

Not the best pictures but the light wasn’t helping at all! However I wanted to take some good pictures of this girl asap!!! Hopefully will take more soon and present her officially 🙂

Beautiful Ophelia

Beautiful Ophelia

Beautiful Ophelia

I am totally in love with her, she is sooo amazing it doesn’t seem real that she is my doll! And surprisingly I love her size ❀

However, she got me thinking about my collection and I decided to sell a couple of dolls! Find out more in this video or on the links below:

Yeah… I decided to put 2 dolls up for sale, my new Ophelia made me wonder about my current collection and I think it is for the best! Here is all the info, if you are interested or want more info please contact me on DoA or e-mail me here: sofia_gpinheiro@hotmail.com (I ship from ITALY)

1) Iplehouse nYID Bianca (Peach Gold skin and default face-up) _SOLD
On DoA: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?612222-EU-Iplehouse-nYID-Bianca-(Peach-Gold)-600
More pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/w_i_s_h_e_s/sets/72157631626229574/
Company page: http://iplehouse.com/home/shop/item.php?it_id=1539390392&nhn1=en

2) AnotherSpace 43cm Peanut NS -SOLD
On DoA: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?612224-EU-Another-Space-Peanut-(NS)-250
More pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/w_i_s_h_e_s/sets/72157636328124556/


Happy holidays!

Finally I had the time to do a couple of holidays pictures with my dollies. This year is the first Christmas in the new house and we are going to Portugal for Christmas to spend it with the family, so I decided not to buy a big tree but just a tiny one and some other simple decorations just to give the house a touch of Christmas (I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday!!!). Turns out it is the perfect size for my dolls so I thought it would be cute to create a scene out of it with the whole family, even those out of the story joined. Everyone helped out decorating the tree and afterwards we took a family pic with everyone together 🙂

Happy Holidays!

The little girls decided to help with the decorations: Iris took care of the bows, Evie and Izzy were in charge of the rest of the decorations and Serena helped them out to reach the highest places. Also Charlotte together with Bee and Emi helped with the ornaments. Little Vanilla helped arrange Santa on the top of the tree and put his light in place.
George decided to play Santa himself and bring the presents to place under the tree and Eliza baked some cookies to welcome the real Santa while the others worked. Pandora was really excited about the cookies, and she wanted to eat them herself since she loves sweets (it is her first Christmas with the humans so she didn’t understand what they were for). Arya was quite confused about the whole thing too (since in her world there is not such thing as Christmas or Christmas trees) she spent the whole time wondering what the whole thing was about. Finally Alice, being a photography enthusiast, took care of the pictures to create some memories 🙂

Happy Holidays!

When the tree was ready Alice set the timer and the whole family took a picture together with it. Pandora was lucky to get a cookie, because Eliza felt sorry for her and Santa eats too many cookies anyway!

I am not sure how much time I will have for other pictures and posts before Christmas, maybe I will post something else but I’m not sure, so me and my dolly family would like to wish you all Happy Holidays: a merry Christmas full of love and presents and a wonderful new year full of wonderful surprises and dolly goodness!!!


New arrival!!! Iplehouse nYID Bianca!

My Iplehouse nYID Bianca is finally home! She was one of the dolls I was ever most anxious about and one of the dolls I had to wait longer for…but she was worth it!!! She is my first SD 🙂

New arrival!!!

My first reaction was: “SHE IS HUGE!” Yes, she is, but also amazingly beautiful!
I am still getting used to posing her, she is so different from my Minifee… she is much more realistic and obviously the posing is harder! However she can stand on her own and sit pretty well. Her arms also hold poses nicely, I am only getting a bit crazy about her weight and her knees!!! They are hard to get in place! And her socks tend to get on the way :S

She has a beautiful skin tone (she is Peach Gold), but I expected it to be darker, since that’s the impression you get from Iplehouse’s photos. Getting her wig on was an adventure, over on DoA people told me she has a smaller head than most SD and most SD wigs are huge one her, so I had bought her a 7-8 Monique wig but it is actually really tight…I might buy her a bigger one with a similar color and style.
Her clothes were really a guessing game, as you might know it IS a nightmare to fit these amazing girls, but I with some tips and luck I got her some clothes that fit. The shoes were also a surprise! At the moment she needs more clothing but at least for a while she won’t be naked! I was really happy I got lucky and most stuff fits 😀

I named her Serena and I am still getting to know her and developing her character, though. And I am in love, again ❀

New arrival!!!


I am getting a nYID Bianca!!!

Something unexpected happened!!! I was planning on getting a YID Rexy but I was never sure with which face-up, and then there was Bianca I loved but she was sold out already when I saw her…

But I saw her for sale on the MP on DoA and I couldn’t resist: I GOT HER, she is on layaway and should be coming home in November 🙂 She is gorgeous with the type C default make-up and peach gold skin, just like I wanted her!
This gives me some time to prepare (as I never owned a SD I have nothing for her), but can’t wait!!! I wish she would come home now!!!

I am getting a nYID Bianca!!! <3

Picture by Iplehouse

She will be totally different from my current dolls, and that was also what I wanted! I love my current family but I wanted to try something new: in size and in style. She obviously won’t be part of my stories, she will be my muse in other ways. I just hope there will be no problem bonding because of this, since it is always part of my bonding process finding dolls a place in my current family… however this time I have many plans for her and totally different from my usual plans, and I am soooo excited!!!