Blog meme, consider yourself tagged!

This is a meme I found at Wayward Inn of Misfits about blogging! The rules are: you answer the 10 questions provided and then you create your own 10 questions for the next person to answer 🙂 Feel free to participate!

About blogging...

Here are my answers:

1. Do you blog and why?

Yes I do, sometimes not as much as I would like but lately I blog quite a lot. It kind of depends on the time I have.  I love reading about other people’s dolls and so I decided to create my own blog to share my dolly family. I also needed a place to keep all my photostories and character developments together that I could control and edit easily and that is why I decided to create my own blog.  It is an easy way to share my passion with others and also to keep myself organised.

2. How did you come up with your blog name?

You can read about the blog name and more in my About page, but here it is: My first personal site was called wishes and it always has been a word that I like. I thought it was appropriate to name my photostory series like that, it really gives a personal feeling of what is going on and my characters behaviors and ambitions :)

3. Do you design your own layouts or do you prefer premades/defaults? Why?

I use premade templates in my blog and I apply minor changes, like banners, colors, fonts, images, etc, to make them a bit more personal. I like graphics and design and I would love to design my own layouts but building a wordpress template (or most blog templates) from scratch is a really hard job and it need a lot of time and web development knowledge, that I don’t have…unfortunately…

4. Do you advertise your blog at many places?

I don’t often advertise my blog, mostly I just link it over on the specific doll communities, like Facebook, Flickr, DoA, because it is about something really specific. I usually link posts that have some related content or just put the link in my signature. I am also a fan of exchanging banners with other blogs, as I love discovering new bloggers about dolls and sharing them on my site, so if you are interested just contact me!

5. Are you the type of blogger who likes to have different blogs for different subjects?

Yes, I guess. At the moment I have one blog so it is hard to know, but my blog is mostly about a specific topic and I am one of those people who likes to keep each thing in the right place and separate everything, so probably I would be like this about blogs too.

6. What is more important to you; blog popularity (lots of hits/high blog view stats/number of followers, or readers who interact with you?

Readers!!! My favorite thing about blogging is the comments part! I love reading the readers comments and answering them. It is really rewarding to know your readers are interested and take the time to comment. I know my blog is not one of high stats but I love each time a new person comments my entries 🙂 On the other hand I am a bad reader myself. I usually do not have much time to read blogs and I follow quite a lot of them so I end up rarely commenting… I would like to comment more.

7. Do you ever feel disheartened by your blog and why?

Sometimes it is hard to keep up and I spend a long time without blogging. It makes me feel like I should post something and it kind of becomes a burden, but it rarely happens. I also would like to find some more topics to post to keep things more interesting, maybe something like the weekly posts, but I still haven’t come up with the “good idea” so I am still thinking about it.

8. Have you ever deleted a blog? Why/Why not?

Not really, I moved my blog from LJ to WordPress but uploaded all the posts. I guess I am quite new to blogging for this but for now I am not considering deleting it.

9. Do you reply to comments made on your blog? Why/Why not?

Yes, always! Like I said, my favorite part is reading them and I think that it is the least I can do since the followers took the time to write them and show interest 🙂 For now I don’t have many people commenting and I manage to keep up.
10. How much time a week on average do you spend either blogging or reading blogs?

I don’t know really, it depends. Sometimes when I have more time I read my Feedly almost everyday, sometimes once a week when I am busy. However I think blogs are important to keep me updated on all my interests and hobbies.


My questions:

1. Why did you start to blog?

2. Do you have more than one blog? What are they about?

3. Do other blogs inspire you? Name your favorites.

4. Do you create your blog’s layout/graphics yourself or prefer templates?

5. What do you love the most about blogging?

6. What is the worst part about blogging?

7. Usually how often do you blog in a week? Do you have a schedule or you just blog when you have something to write about?

8. Do you usually comment on other people’s blogs? Why?

9. What do you enjoy reading in a blog?

10. Do you prefer blogs with mixed topics or about a specific thing?

Please feel free to link your answers post in the comments below this post so I can read them! Thank you and have fun ❤

6 thoughts on “Blog meme, consider yourself tagged!

  1. Haha! And she got this from my blog XD

    I’m going to answer the questions here, since I already have a questionaire on my blog:

    Here goes:

    1. Why did you start to blog?

    I like taking photographs and playing with toys and crafting and sharing with people who like to do the same thing. My area doesn’t have a lot of clubs or interest groups who like doing what I do, so I figured a blog might be the best way to share what I love.

    2. Do you have more than one blog? What are they about?

    Traveling Twig = Barbie Blog
    Majokko Shop = Asian Doll/other doll blog (Pure Neemos, Monster High, figma, Nendoroids, Dollfie Dream, etc)
    Little Squeed = Book Blog
    Little Bearries = Craft Blog

    3. Do other blogs inspire you? Name your favorites.

    Yes! A Dainty Squid, Cakies, A Beautiful Mess, Retrograde Works, Jointed Love, I’m Catching Fireflies, Gamer Cat, Pure Neemo Diaries, Ginko & Yoshi, Never Outgrew Toys, Nemu Nemu… these are a few of the blogs I love, and you can find most of their links on my blog sidebars.

    4. Do you create your blog’s layout/graphics yourself or prefer templates?

    I just use a template… although I do create my own backgrounds and headers and graphics.

    5. What do you love the most about blogging?

    Just being able to do whatever I want and have fun with it… and then when people comment, it’s such a thrill to know that anyone is even out there reading what you’re doing… and cares enough to say something nice about it.

    6. What is the worst part about blogging?

    Trolls… I hate when I read posts from bloggers who get discouraged because someone is trolling them. The internet is filled with a-holes, don’t let them get you down.

    7. Usually how often do you blog in a week? Do you have a schedule or you just blog when you have something to write about?

    On my two doll blogs, I have recurring friday posts that I try to always make, so I blog at least once per week.
    Right now I’m blogging on the Majokko Shop the most… because I’m in the process of trying to formulate a storyline for my Traveling Twig blog.

    8. Do you usually comment on other people’s blogs? Why?

    Oh yeah! Why? Well, I figure if I just took the time to read the post, and actually appreciated what they had to say, I should let them know. Not that I think everyone should feel the need to do this… but I know how much a comment can be encouraging, so I try to comment.

    9. What do you enjoy reading in a blog?

    Tutorials, story posts, posts with great pictures… mostly informative or light-hearted things.
    I don’t mind when people vent on their blog, or discuss heavy life issues… but I’m going to be honest, unless I’m really interested in the topic (or concerned for the writer), if I see a few paragraphs of text with no imagery, I probably won’t read it. I get migraines from reading big blocks of text online… so unless it’s seriously important to me, I’ll skip any long wordy post. Especially long wordy story posts that aren’t broken up with pictures.

    10. Do you prefer blogs with mixed topics or about a specific thing?

    Do you mean to read, or to write? Haha! I prefer my own personal blogs to stick to a topic, or a genre… I know for a while I was posting Barbie and Pure Neemo stuff in the same blog, and I would get a lot of comments about how someone didn’t like one or the other… and I always feel that comments like that, the whole, “It’s not my thing, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it” is really just saying, “I don’t want to see that, it’s not why I come here”… so I tend to separate all my blogs into the type of thing they showcase.

    As for reading blogs, I’m perfectly happy to read blogs with mixed topics. If I’m not interested in a topic, I’ll skip it and wait for one I’m interested in. One thing I do hate with a fiery passion, though, is when someone has a specific blog (Let’s say a craft blog) and they start taking it over to post a million pictures of themselves in whatever outfit they wore that day… or a million closeups of their face, and never posting a craft picture again. BLAH! If you have a specific blog and want to start branching out to post other things, then either warn your readers so we can decide if we want to stay or not, or make a new blog!!!! (yes, It’s a silly rant, but it’s my rant)

  2. This is so doing the rounds! I’m glad you were able to answer these. I loved reading your answers to them.

    I love the story behind the name of your blog. I’ve always liked the name and the word evokes that feeling of hope and inspiration.

    You’re like me with layouts. I do the same and love tweaking my banners and backgrounds but that’s about the extent of my fiddling with the layouts.

    I’m usually on top of reading blogs but some weeks are so crazy I never get a chance to read more than one or two.

    I always say don’t force yourself if you don’t feel like blogging. It should be something enjoyable that you do in your downtime. And at the end of the day, the readers who like your blog will still be around even if you don’t post for a while. I’ve been following your blog for a long time and I know there have been periods you haven’t blogged in a while but I kept checking back every few weeks to see if you had updated. So interested readers will do that.

    There is at least two other blogs I like to read that haven’t updated in over six months and I still check in there every couple of weeks just in case they might surprise me and have a new post up.

    • Thank you! It was a lot of fun to do 🙂
      I get surprised when I find out there are a few people who follow my blog/photostories for a long time now, and it makes me happy to know. I tend to have phases I have no time to breathe and I barely have time for dolls and I just disappear but it makes me sad…I know I shouldn’t force myself, but I want to try to be more active (maybe not like lately that I have been home on vacation with a lot of time on my hands, but once a week or so). Thank you for keeping reading despite everything!!! ❤

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