This time here to stay…hopefully :S

Well… even though I said I would be active again here when things calmed down I kinda never did even if everything is (almost) settled now.

Let’s say it took longer than I thought to get things organised after the move and lately I have a hard time managing the dolly stuff and  free-time with real life stuff or other hobbies. So I haven’t been really active in general. But if you follow me on Youtube, Instagram (@doll_wishes) or Flickr I have posted some things here and there 🙂

But here I am to officially post and dedicate myself more to this blog. I plan to start posting more about my dolls here again. I also have to refurbish and update some of the pages about my dolls here, since my collection has changed a bit. I hope to do that soon.

So expect some news soon. I will probably make a couple of posts presenting my new dolls and characters soon. I also have been working a lot on my story “Edenia”, so I might post something on that too 🙂

And I will leave you with a bit of news: I am waiting for a new doll (since the beginning of January)!

I was stalking her ever since Merry Doll Round released the pre-order and I tried really hard to convince myself I don’t need another doll but I just had to! And I am so happy I did: or I am sure I would regret it forever 😀 She is a Merry Doll Round Fang in Cookie Skin!

I totally did this... I was stalking her ever since #merrydollround released this pre-order and I tried really hard to convince myself I don't need another doll but I just had to! And I am so happy I did: or I am sure I would regret it forever 😆

[image from Merry Doll Round]


New eyes and other news

My order from Captured in Glass from DoA arrived and my girls got new eyes!!! I love their eyes: the quality is amazing and the price is really good (only 8.38$ a pair). Five out of my 13 dolls are currently wearing CiG eyes so I must love them, hehe 😀

Unfortunately this time I had a small issue with the order. I bought a pair of 6mm for Penny (my Xagadoll Lara) and they are of two different colours (the right eye is the actual colour I wanted, the other is much lighter and almost white), but I immediately contacted Lu and he was very undertanding about my complaint. He offered to send me a new pair soon for free, so I even made another order that will be coming together with it. The only problem is that since these orders come with Airmail from China they usually take a lifetime to arrive!!! Hopefully it will be faster than last time because it isn’t August anymore…and my little girl will have her eyes at last!

New eyes!

The search for Izzy’s perfect look continues! She also got some new eyes. I have too say they are pretty cute, although they are so much more blueish than I expected…in the pictures they seem like a turquoise-greenish tone. I guess they are not yet final but she will be keeping them for now 🙂

New eyes!

She got her temporary wig back for a second to do this picture, but since the new girl has been using it lately, it didn’t last long…:

 photo DSC03303_2_zps2e35e4a4.jpg

Isabelle: Hey! Where did it go?
New girl: I’m sorry little girl, but I’m keeping the wig!


As in other news:

I just wanted to add a couple of other news in the blog and in the dolly communities in general.

I had been planning to change the Doll Family page of the blog for quite a while now and I finally did it. I added an individual picture of every doll I own plus some profile info about them. I am planning (actually I have been for a long long time but I never got to it) to write the rest of the backstories at least for my characters in the photostories. They are actually a lot of fun to do so I hope to do them soon, but for now only George and Eliza have them.

I also added a photostory index of all my dolly stories, so that it is easier to find a specific story or go through them, you can find it in the Photostory page in the blog menu.

And finally I decided I am not using ipernity anymore. My subscription as a club member ended and I am not renovating it. I understood that most people keep using Flickr and I decided I will too, as I am managing to get used to their new system and that’s where the community is (I guess that’s the most important). I also understood that it is really hard to keep up with the two accounts in the end…I always forgot to upload stuff there. I will keep this account for now, at least to try to keep up with the few people who left Flickr for good. But there will be no updates or uploads!

Here is my link on Flickr if you want to continue following my pictures and updates: www.flickr.com/photos/w_i_s_h_e_s


Two loves: the boyfriend and the dolls <3

It is quite usual to read comments in the BJD community about the reaction of partners, boyfriends, husbands and so on to dolls. Mostly about someone’s doubts if they will accept the fact that you like dolls, about how the other people are afraid of them or, if you are lucky, maybe even saying that you managed to bring your other half into the dark side and convinced them buy their first doll.

Because of all the discussion about this topic I thought it was interesting the share the following post.

I live together with my boyfriend for 6 months now, but he knew that I liked dolls already when we moved in together. He was always very accepting of them, even if he never showed any particular interest, we were always able to talk about them and he would look the new pictures I took. Before I used to play with my dolls when he wasn’t around, on my alone time, however since we live in the same house I must play with dolls when he’s around, obviously! I ended up feeling kind of uncomfortable because he would try to keep a distance when I played as it was “my thing” and not “his thing”.  So I decided to change that and proposed that we could play together once, just so that dolls would not be this weird thing anymore and he could become more comfortable with them. Even if he wasn’t that excited about the idea he accepted the challenge.

Basically I showed him and presented all my dolls with their names, and then told him to choose his favorite dolls so we could make a photoshoot. Since he is interested in photography he was quite happy about the idea of photographing them. He chose Bee (my LTF Ante) and Iris (my PKF Bonnie), because according to him they are the cutest and here is the result of our “photostory” moment:

 photo DSC02510_2_zpseba0a46a.jpg

 photo DSC02497_2_zps0d6b9c3c.jpg

 photo DSC02505_2_zps45798d7e.jpg

 photo DSC02503_2_zpsf6c2cd48.jpg

 photo DSC02502_2_zps296fa916.jpg

I have to say it was actually fun, and even if I don’t see him playing often, at least now it’s not “weird” anymore as he got a feel of what it means to “play” with them 😀
What about you? Any similar stories to tell? I would love to read any similar stories or dolls-boyfriend/husband reaction stories ❤

Extra pictures, because they are adorable:

Playtime: Boyfriend and dolls

Playtime: Boyfriend and dolls


Blog meme, consider yourself tagged!

This is a meme I found at Wayward Inn of Misfits about blogging! The rules are: you answer the 10 questions provided and then you create your own 10 questions for the next person to answer 🙂 Feel free to participate!

About blogging...

Here are my answers:

1. Do you blog and why?

Yes I do, sometimes not as much as I would like but lately I blog quite a lot. It kind of depends on the time I have.  I love reading about other people’s dolls and so I decided to create my own blog to share my dolly family. I also needed a place to keep all my photostories and character developments together that I could control and edit easily and that is why I decided to create my own blog.  It is an easy way to share my passion with others and also to keep myself organised.

2. How did you come up with your blog name?

You can read about the blog name and more in my About page, but here it is: My first personal site was called wishes and it always has been a word that I like. I thought it was appropriate to name my photostory series like that, it really gives a personal feeling of what is going on and my characters behaviors and ambitions :)

3. Do you design your own layouts or do you prefer premades/defaults? Why?

I use premade templates in my blog and I apply minor changes, like banners, colors, fonts, images, etc, to make them a bit more personal. I like graphics and design and I would love to design my own layouts but building a wordpress template (or most blog templates) from scratch is a really hard job and it need a lot of time and web development knowledge, that I don’t have…unfortunately…

4. Do you advertise your blog at many places?

I don’t often advertise my blog, mostly I just link it over on the specific doll communities, like Facebook, Flickr, DoA, because it is about something really specific. I usually link posts that have some related content or just put the link in my signature. I am also a fan of exchanging banners with other blogs, as I love discovering new bloggers about dolls and sharing them on my site, so if you are interested just contact me!

5. Are you the type of blogger who likes to have different blogs for different subjects?

Yes, I guess. At the moment I have one blog so it is hard to know, but my blog is mostly about a specific topic and I am one of those people who likes to keep each thing in the right place and separate everything, so probably I would be like this about blogs too.

6. What is more important to you; blog popularity (lots of hits/high blog view stats/number of followers, or readers who interact with you?

Readers!!! My favorite thing about blogging is the comments part! I love reading the readers comments and answering them. It is really rewarding to know your readers are interested and take the time to comment. I know my blog is not one of high stats but I love each time a new person comments my entries 🙂 On the other hand I am a bad reader myself. I usually do not have much time to read blogs and I follow quite a lot of them so I end up rarely commenting… I would like to comment more.

7. Do you ever feel disheartened by your blog and why?

Sometimes it is hard to keep up and I spend a long time without blogging. It makes me feel like I should post something and it kind of becomes a burden, but it rarely happens. I also would like to find some more topics to post to keep things more interesting, maybe something like the weekly posts, but I still haven’t come up with the “good idea” so I am still thinking about it.

8. Have you ever deleted a blog? Why/Why not?

Not really, I moved my blog from LJ to WordPress but uploaded all the posts. I guess I am quite new to blogging for this but for now I am not considering deleting it.

9. Do you reply to comments made on your blog? Why/Why not?

Yes, always! Like I said, my favorite part is reading them and I think that it is the least I can do since the followers took the time to write them and show interest 🙂 For now I don’t have many people commenting and I manage to keep up.
10. How much time a week on average do you spend either blogging or reading blogs?

I don’t know really, it depends. Sometimes when I have more time I read my Feedly almost everyday, sometimes once a week when I am busy. However I think blogs are important to keep me updated on all my interests and hobbies.


My questions:

1. Why did you start to blog?

2. Do you have more than one blog? What are they about?

3. Do other blogs inspire you? Name your favorites.

4. Do you create your blog’s layout/graphics yourself or prefer templates?

5. What do you love the most about blogging?

6. What is the worst part about blogging?

7. Usually how often do you blog in a week? Do you have a schedule or you just blog when you have something to write about?

8. Do you usually comment on other people’s blogs? Why?

9. What do you enjoy reading in a blog?

10. Do you prefer blogs with mixed topics or about a specific thing?

Please feel free to link your answers post in the comments below this post so I can read them! Thank you and have fun ❤


New layout!

The blog has a new layout! And a new link banner to go with it!


Feel free to link back or ask for a link exchange!

I am also thinking about some new ideas to make my blog more active. I know I don’t post as much as I would like…any suggestions are welcome too!
Hope you like it 🙂