Two loves: the boyfriend and the dolls <3

It is quite usual to read comments in the BJD community about the reaction of partners, boyfriends, husbands and so on to dolls. Mostly about someone’s doubts if they will accept the fact that you like dolls, about how the other people are afraid of them or, if you are lucky, maybe even saying that you managed to bring your other half into the dark side and convinced them buy their first doll.

Because of all the discussion about this topic I thought it was interesting the share the following post.

I live together with my boyfriend for 6 months now, but he knew that I liked dolls already when we moved in together. He was always very accepting of them, even if he never showed any particular interest, we were always able to talk about them and he would look the new pictures I took. Before I used to play with my dolls when he wasn’t around, on my alone time, however since we live in the same house I must play with dolls when he’s around, obviously! I ended up feeling kind of uncomfortable because he would try to keep a distance when I played as it was “my thing” and not “his thing”. Β So I decided to change that and proposed that we could play together once, just so that dolls would not be this weird thing anymore and he could become more comfortable with them. Even if he wasn’t that excited about the idea he accepted the challenge.

Basically I showed him and presented all my dolls with their names, and then told him to choose his favorite dolls so we could make a photoshoot. Since he is interested in photography he was quite happy about the idea of photographing them. He chose Bee (my LTF Ante) and Iris (my PKF Bonnie), because according to him they are the cutest and here is the result of our “photostory” moment:

 photo DSC02510_2_zpseba0a46a.jpg

 photo DSC02497_2_zps0d6b9c3c.jpg

 photo DSC02505_2_zps45798d7e.jpg

 photo DSC02503_2_zpsf6c2cd48.jpg

 photo DSC02502_2_zps296fa916.jpg

I have to say it was actually fun, and even if I don’t see him playing often, at least now it’s not “weird” anymore as he got a feel of what it means to “play” with them πŸ˜€
What about you? Any similar stories to tell? I would love to read any similar stories or dolls-boyfriend/husband reaction stories ❀

Extra pictures, because they are adorable:

Playtime: Boyfriend and dolls

Playtime: Boyfriend and dolls

6 thoughts on “Two loves: the boyfriend and the dolls <3

    • It sure is, I guess I am lucky he is so understanding and wanted to try πŸ™‚ Even if I don’t see him doing it a lot of times. At least now he is interested! And he read this post and was really happy about it ❀

  1. Those pictures are so adorable. It was great to read your boyfriend had a bit of a play with them. It warms my heart when I hear stories like that.

    My husband doesn’t touch any of mine. His standard response when I ask him whether he thinks a wig will look good on a particular doll is a shrug and, “They’re dolls.” He definitely is disinterested in them however, he does buy them for me for Christmas/birthday gifts. Well, when I say he buys them, I actually order the doll and he agrees to the price and lets me purchase it so that it’s a gift from him. If that makes sense!

    And he usually tells me I shouldn’t sell any of my dolls because I bought them for a reason. I guess I am a bit lucky because he is a bit of a collector himself (he buys a lot of Star Wars merchandise, he has a room full of them back from when they were first released. They’re all vintage and still in their packets, unopened.) So he kind of understands, at least the collecting side of the hobby but otherwise, he doesn’t interact with my dolls at all or pays much attention to them.

    • Thank you! It was a lot of fun to play with him, and even if it won’t be happening a lot of times, it sure was a good experience. I guess you are lucky your husband at least understands your doll collection and even helps you get new dolls πŸ˜‰ That’s a beginning, even if he isn’t a doll enthusiast!

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