New doll plans! Part 2/2

The previous post was getting HUGE so I decided to split it in two parts, you can find the first one about the dolls I am letting go here:


I have been lurking over the Luts Delf Arwen for a while now and after looking at her first owner pics I felt I had to get one! So she will be my Christmas present hehe! I totally put her on Layaway today: she will be in light tan and will come with a face  up! Luts has amazing default face-ups lately ❤

[image by Luts]

I am just a bit nervous because I find that SD is not really the perfect size for me, however I wanted to give her a chance, not only because she has this amazing beautiful tan (<3) but also because maybe I feel more frustrated with SD because I have such a hard time finding stuff for my Serena (Iplehouse Bianca). If I like having her I am planning maybe getting also an SD boy (YES a boy) because in her story she is in a couple. Let’s see! Still a long wait to go!

Another doll I am adding to the wishlist is another boy! (Another boy??? OMG what is happening to me :P)

 photo ScreenShot2013-10-18at54000PM_zpsce1a2a92.png

I am considering buying a JID Male, probably an Owen (maybe a Boris) because I have been wanting a partner for my Narae, since in her story there is a very important male character and later they become a couple. I would love a great realist (to fit her style) real skin Iple guy for her!!! Lets see how this plan goes…

Small doll news:

Finally I found Izzy’s default eyes!!! YEY!
Now just the wig is left…anyway, I am kind of linking her look more even with this wig!
This time they are from Leeke.

Here are some pictures of the little girls wearing some new clothes and stuff from LDoll, plus the new eyes 🙂
 photo DSC04167_2_zpsf533b016.jpg
 photo DSC04172_2_zpsb32012f3.jpg

By the way, since we are talking about eyes, check out the new site for Captured in Glass, it looks awesome! I totally recommend Lu’s products 😉

2 thoughts on “New doll plans! Part 2/2

  1. The eyes look gorgeous in her. I like how luminous they look.

    Good luck with your dolly sales!

    I keep eyeballing the Delf line too from Luts but I honestly do not have anymore room in my cabinet for another SD which is a shame. Unless I sell some SDs of course which is always hard to sell for me (on the MP that is. Shipping from Australia is so expensive and I think that’s what turns a lot of buyers off.)

    Arwen is quite pretty. I am excited that you are getting and hope to get your thoughts on the light tan colour. I really want to get a Luts doll in one of their tans as I adore their tan colours but I’m still procrastinating on that.

    Which Delf boy do you think you might get if you end up getting him?

    And yes, I am surprised. You must have been bitten by the boy bug. I am so used to seeing mostly girls in your collection (except for Carl).

    I have to say you have great taste in boys though. I love Owen and Boris. They are my two favourites of the JID boy line. If it wasn’t for my bad experience with Asa … I’d totally jump at the chance. I do know the bodies are new so if you do get either of those boys, I’d be curious to see what you thought of the bodies.

    If they ever released a JID Bichun though … I’d have to seriously ponder that one. That sculpt has been a favourite of mine in that bigger line for ages. I’m just glad he is in the bigger line because I know I can’t handle those guys so I’m safe (and so is my wallet!)

    The realism thing, I found that with my MYD Heeah as well. And she didn’t really look good with Dollzone Hid because she has such a small head compared to him so I ended up going with Limwha Mono for her partner and they look quite good together other than how stark the contrast is with their skintones (she being normal and he being tan).

    • Thank you! I was looking so hard to find light green eyes for her that suited her personality, I am absolutely happy with them 🙂

      I hope the sales go well, but I am already saving for the Iple Owen…they would be the way to buy him sooner. I know what you mean, I guess also the sales in the MP are quite slow now. Let’s see!

      I can’t wait to get Arwen!!! Hopefully they will be faster than expected (I saw in the Luts waiting room that the waiting times are going quite well, also sometimes the ship a week earlier!). I adore their tan colors too, I was quite indecisive on what color to get but I love the owner pics of the light tan that I had to buy her in that color! I am quite into tan dolls lately too. I am thinking of getting Claus as her partner, but maybe Aragorn. Claus has the peaceful and mature look I am going for…but Aragorn has other aspects I like…well I will decide later in case 😉

      I know I am not that much into boy dolls but lately I have been wishing to have another couple and her male counterpart is very important in her story, that she feels incomplete without him! I totally fell for those sculpts, and they fit my character well, even if Owen serious look appeals more to me. I am a bit unsure about their bodies too, but I prefer the male to the female ones, so I thought I would give them a chance (and then there are the newer bodies). I considered the Lihmwa boy too, because he looks so awesome with your Heeah, but he has a quite delicate look (that is awesome) but does not work for my character. I am hoping to get this boy soon !!!

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