Looking at SD boys…

Looking at SD boys...

As you probably know I have been thinking about getting a SD boy for quite a while to shell the missing character of my SD Story “The Travellers”, however until now something else always comes in the way …hehe
I have been looking at new possibilities for sculpts now that I have a better idea of him and his character and I decided to make a sort of wishlist to share with you guys 🙂

These boys are quite different but I guess it will depend on the direction the character takes, however I see in them something of him and I love the sculpts!!! ❀

For now the ones inspiring me the most are Dreaming Doll Khan and Ringdoll Lucifer, but since I am not getting him immeadiately I guess that it still can change a bit 😉

Who is your favorite? Any owners of any of them are also welcome to leave a comment with your opinions 😀

Also I just wanted to let you know that I haven't been having much time for dolls lately. I am going to be a bit away for the next couple of weeks because of some big changes going on in my life, but I will be back soon 🙂

Meanwhile I leave you with a sweet picture of Lusine (more on my Flickr) to keep you company. This girl just makes me happy, I feel so lucky to have her ❀

Sweet Lusine



My two artist dolls Lusine and Nymeria have decided to help me show our support to the wonderful BJD artists that created them and all the others.
I always have been against recasts but I chose not express myself a lot on this topic to avoid being part of the drama.
However on light of recent events, recasts have become a plague, they are destroying trust and mining the hobby with drama.
And WORST: they are also making BJD artists question their work and whether to continue creating these beautiful dolls that we can enjoy!
Please take today to think about the wonderful dolls and who created them, support the amazing artists and when you buy your next doll do NOT BUY RECASTS! Or you will be contributing to destroy the hobby we love!


If you want to contribute to this cause please feel free to take a picture with a similar message and post it to all your social networks (Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, etc) with the following tag: #proBJDArtists

There is also a DoA Thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?650049-Pro-BJD-Artists-Day%21-November-16th

And a Tumblr Blog: http://probjdartists.tumblr.com/

And a Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1575295279359944/1576872852535520/

Please take part and share your support!


Back from Summer Holidays

Hi everyone! Just an old photo to update everyone on my status. I went home to Portugal for the summer holidays in the last to weeks and that’s why I have been away.

Back from Summer Holidays

I just got home and I am still catching up on everything and everyone 🙂
I also noticed I have a lot of unposted photos from before I changed home (when I had all my dolls) that I hopefully will be posting soon!
Hope you are having a wonderful summer! ❀


Journey companions

 Journey companions

I haven’t had much time lately (as I suspected) and I have been catching up with Flickr and Youtube and the whole dolly community (its going to take a while…)
But, I wanted to share something with everyone: the dolls that came with me on my new adventure in Germany 🙂
As you might know, I couldn’t bring all of my dolls with me, at least for now…(I miss them soooo much though). It was hard to leave the others behind and it was not an easy decision, but I had to choose…
Here they are: Arya, my Narae Dreamer, because she has been inspiring me so much lately, with her story and as a doll; Serena, my Unoa Lusis Hybrid, because I wanted to bring a casual MSD with me apart from Arya (casual is so much more relaxing) and she is one of my most recent dolls, so I wanted to explore her new self and get to know her better; and finally Lusine, my Dust of Doll Meel, because she is the cutest thing ever and also so much fun (and also small). Then I brought my PureNeemos, just because they are easy to deal with and so portable, so I said: why not?
So this is the small family at the moment, and I am currently waiting for Pandora my Minifee Rin, that should get here this month (according to Wind Dolls). I also have some plans for new dolly stuff…especially for the new girl, but it will be a calm period with no big buys or news because I am kind of short on funds :S
I will keep you posted! And will try to catch up as soon as possible 😀


End of internet silence!

I'm back!

Hi everyone! Greetings from Germany! I just wanted to let everybody know it is the end of my internet silence! I have been away for almost a month because as you might know I recently changed home and country, and only now did I manage to have internet access at home! Finally!
I won’t probably be posting as much as before, I only bought a few dolls with me and a few dolly things, but hopefully I will have time to take some pictures and also follow your posts and dolls!!!
I will post more updates soon and also respond to everyone’s e-mails and messages (I am really sorry for the lack of answers). Anyways, I have a lot to catch up, but I am glad to be back: I really missed the dolly community 🙂