Padma, the Healer

Padma, the healer

My beautiful Padma had some decent light camera time! Finally 😀

I have decided to start writing more about my characters and present them to you.
I started with Padma and Anouk (because since she arrived I have taken some photos with her that I want to share).

So let’s talk about Padma:

Padma is part of my story Edenia, which takes place in this realistic fantasy “medieval” and steampunk-ish world, where there is a territory/kingdom/country called Edenia (like the name of the story)

She is from the Nomad people called the Dorani, similar to the Gypsies of our world. They are the Merchants and the Travellers in Edenia, and live in camps in the forests, that are hard to reach.

Padma, the healer

Padma belongs to an old family line of famous healers, that pass the knowledge from mother to daughter, and despite her young age, she is known and respected for it. The healing-arts are her talent and her passion and she lives for it. She travels a lot through the different camps bringing her knowledge and selling medicines to the various Dorani people and healers around Edenia.

She met Alek when they were children, and they beacame good friends. Since then her dream was to one day marry him and make a family, but due to various complications, she and Alek never had anything together and when she finally confessed her feelings he ended up disappearing for a long time, leaving her with no hope of being together again.

She is a really strong-minded person, that likes to do things her way and hates being told she is wrong. She is also quite stubborn and proud. She is considered a beauty by her people, but she only ever had eyes for one person (Alek, with whom she was mildly obsessed) , and chose to ignore any other proposal she had. Being a healer, she is really caring and cares about her patients deeply, putting them above anything else or preferring them to other personal human relations, which makes her quite reserved and a loner, and mysterious for most people.

This is a really short description of her story and personality just to give you an idea of Padma and her character. I hope you enjoy and it is not so confusing 🙂

More Pictures:

Padma, the healer

Padma, the healer

Padma, the healer

One thought on “Padma, the Healer

  1. Love to see you had time to take some pictures, and to go on with this lovely story ! They are so beautiful, and always with such cool outfits for their characters … Following you, even when I do not have time to make comments.

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