10 random facts about Alice

I was tagged over at Flickr and I decided to post this here too, because it was so much fun to do 🙂

10 random facts about Alice

Well I have been tagged a while ago but I just had time to do this now! I am doing it about Alice, because she is the new character and she is still getting used to having her own body, so it is worth celebrating 🙂

1. Alice Bradford is George’s younger cousin, she is 20 years old. When George stopped talking with his family she was the only one who never lost contact with him.

2. Her best friend is Charlotte, they met at ballet classes when they were just 5. They used to spend all summers together until Charlotte’s parents died.

3. She is the only character of mine that was born from the photostories, I needed a connection between Charlotte and George and I created an imaginary cousin named Alice. She was not even supposed to be a doll, but she took so much protagonism in the story that I ended up wishing to have her resin version.

4. She is blond and has light brown eyes (the ones she is wearing are green, just because she is still waiting for her new ones), although most of her family has blue eyes. That is probably the only thing that she is insecure about in the way she looks.

5. She loves dressing up and trying new things, she will probably be seem wearing anything that comes to her hands.

6. She loves projects: her favorite past-time is doing make-overs on people or playing the match-maker.

7. She is spoiled and not used to hearing “no”, for the good and for the bad. This makes her really persistent and also really annoying sometimes.

8. She does not dream about getting married, on the contrary, she is more the independent kind of girl that sees boys as obstacles to be herself and fulfill her dreams.

9. She is currently studying Journalism at university. Her dream is to be a fashion editor for Vogue someday or be a war journalist.

10. Her passion is dance. She started classical dance when she was 3 and since then she tried many styles. Her favorite one is contemporary.

I tagged some people but if you are reading this consider yourself tagged!

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