Photostory: Cupcake Friend

I know it has been more than a week, but here is Gwen’s BO! This is partly staged, because I first opened the box, looked at her, held her and then put her back inside and made the story (couldn’t wait, hehe ;)). I love her so much, her face, her eyes, she is perfect! And obviously Evie is irresistible 😉 Enjoy!!!

In this story:
Evelyn [FL PKF Ante]
Gwendolyn [FL PKF Luna]




Evelyn: A present!



Evelyn: It’s a friend!


Evelyn: Hi!!! Who are you?
Noname: Huh?! Me…? My name is Gwendolyn…
Evelyn: I’m Evie! Want to play?


Gwendolyn: Play…? Oh!!! I’m naked!
Evelyn: Ihihih


Gwendolyn: Why are you laughing??? I need clothes, it’s not funny!
Evelyn: Ok…! *Poof*


Gwendolyn: Oh!!! She just disappeared…!!! She’s a fire sprite!!!


Gwendolyn: So she must be the one everyone was telling me about…! I must be careful, she’s the reason I was sent here…


Evelyn: *Poof* Here!
Gwendolyn: Oh! You are back! With clothes…thanks…!


Gwendolyn: That’s better!
Evelyn: One thing missing! *Poof*


Gwendolyn: Wha…? Where did she go???


Evelyn: *Poof* For you! *smiles*
Gwendolyn: Oh! Thank you!


Evelyn: Want to be friends?
Gwendolyn: Sure!

3 thoughts on “Photostory: Cupcake Friend

  1. I love your short story and I really love your Pukifees. I have just gotton Pukifee Ante. But she is naked too. Where do you get there lovely clothes and there wigs? I am going to put you on my blog list on my new dolly blog.

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you liked the story and the Pukifees! I am sure you won’t regret buying your Ante, she is a lovely old and Pukifees are just the best, they are my favorite tiny size 🙂
    You can actually find a lot of clothes and shoes for them, mostly they are marked as Lati Yellow, but they are the same size. The clothes in the story are from hiblythe and nubanded on Etsy (if you search there you will find lots of other shops too); the shoes are from RubyRed Galleria (they have a lot of awesome cute shoes); the mohair wig is from SweetNeat on Etsy (great quality mohair wigs, and takes custom orders); and the other wig is from ForMyDoll( you should look for wigs that are size 5-6).
    Do you have a banner for your blog? I would love to add you to my links too!
    Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else 🙂

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