My new Little Princess <3

Guess who arrived this Friday? My Iplehouse KID Irene 🙂

My new Little Princess <3

She is such an amazing doll!!! Her name is Anouk Darzim and she is Padma’s younger cousin, about 12-13 years old. She is in Peach Gold Skin and has the default Iplehouse face-up (which is perfect). She came withe her clothes and eyes from Iplehouse (in the pictures) and also a pair of boots, pretty much like a fullset 🙂 And I couldn’t be happier!!! I was really nervous since there have been some stories about Iple dolls and clothes with serious problems lately, but I must say I am pleasantly surprised at how amazing this doll is and the quality of everything she came with!

My new Little Princess <3

My new Little Princess <3

My new Little Princess <3

She got home yesterday evening, but I only could open her really late so I didn’t really make a BO video as planned, but I made a video today showing the stuff she came with and telling a bit more about her, that you can find here:

More on her soon!


BJD End of the Year 2014 Tag (on YouTube)

Happy new year everyone!!! I wish you all a wonderful dolly year where all your wishes come true 🙂 I came back from the holidays and decided to make this Youtube tag and post it here. Sorry about the poor light and shaky camera! Enjoy 🙂

The first picture of the year: https://www.flickr.com/photos/w_i_s_h_e_s/11843725173/

1 Show us your doll family (as it looks at the end of the year)
2 how many doll videos did you make this year?
3 what was your fist video of 2014 about?
4 how many pictures (on any site or medium) did you take/upload this year?
5 show us the first picture of the year
6 Tell us the best thing that happened to you, in the doll hobby this year.
7 Tell us the worst thing that happened to you, in the doll hobby this year.
8 Show us your three favorite things you got this year.
9 What is your new year’s resolution?


Dust of Doll Meel and first face-up ever!

1st complete face-up ever!

Sorry for the crappy picture, but there is no light anymore…

For those who don’t know my Dust of Doll Meel arrived yesterday, in the middle of a really busy “work from home” day, so I just got to do a quick BO video and that’s it.

She was blank, so I decided that I would try to give her a face-up, since I have been exploring and trying with a test head, but this is the first complete and real face-up I ever did!!! So it has mistakes and is a bit dirty but I am quite happy with it!!! 🙂

Maybe in the future I will send her away for a face, but for now she looks ready to me ❀
Tomorrow hopefully I will take a couple of GOOD pictures of her complete… Hope you like it 😀

 She is ready!!!

Watch her BO video here if you are interested:


Box from Luts!!!

Ophelia is home ❀

Ophelia is home!!! <3

OMG!!! I am totally in love with her!!! I will present her soon, she is my Luts Delf Arwen in Light Tan Skin and with the default face-up 🙂

Sorry about the crappy phone pic but the light was already gone and terrible for pics (hopefully it will stop raining, it has been raining for 2 weeks without stoping) …I will take some proper pics as soon as possible (hopefully tomorrow?)!!! 😀

Oh! And my Azone doll shipped, hopefully she arrives soon!!! 🙂

Here is her BO video:


Meet sweet Mei! Plus a body review :)

Meet Mei!

My new girl has a name : Mei Kimura! I actually changed the her character because I gave it some thought and what I had planned for her ended up not working.

Mei is a happy girl, always with a smile on her face! She is very positive and a bit naive about people. She is 14 but quite immature for her age, she is a daydreamer always creating imaginary new world and creatures, that she dreams and writes about. People think she will eventually grow out of it… but… there is something that is going to happen that is a surprise for now! 🙂 Actually it has to do with a new addiction to my dolly group, but this time a different type of doll! I will put more about this in the end of this post 😉

Sorry for the grainy pictures but the day was really dark and rainy…not ideal for pics!

Meet Mei!


Oh I also did a body review on the 40cm Obitsu body, please check this video if you are interested:


Coming home!!! My first Azone doll!

I totally forgot to write about this in the last posts because I was so excited about my new girl! But I did it, I was drooling over Azone cuteys for such a long time and this one in particular, so when I had the unexpected opportunity I got her 🙂 She will be home in February hopefully! I am also hoping she will work out with my Obitsu girl. I know they are completely different in size, but I hope they work for something I have planned for their story 😉

She is a EX Cute 9th Series Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi Wolf / Himeno. Not my picture!