LDoll and the Big Surprise!

Hey there everyone!!!

I am sorry I have been posting so few lately, I have been busy and it is hard to keep up with everything!

As you may know, I recently went to LDoll 2014, the BJD convention that happens every year in Lyon, and for me it became a “must” in the BJD hobby. This year was so amazing, I had such a wonderful time and I even had a really special Surprise! I got to see some of my Italian doll friends again, that I didn’t see since I came to Germany, and I also got to meet Wendy (WennieBJD) again. Floriana (HarajukuDolls) was there and she had an amazing Stand and also another couple of friends of mine had a Stand with some awesome stuff, called the Dark Wood (they are really worth checking out, they make clothes, props and furniture for BJD).

As usual I participated in the LDoll lottery (not expecting to win anything like the previous years), and guess what? I WON FIRST PRIZE!!! Soom was the guest of honor this year so first prize was an amazing limited one of a kind Soom Amber!

Here is a picture of her (you can find more on my Flickr):

I won first prize in the LDoll lottery!

She is also a fullset with the default face-up and complete body blushing and complete fantasy parts! I was soooo over the moon and overwhelmed with her, she was so unexpected and she is so huge and heavy and delicate at the same time! But she is also so impressive and beautiful! For now she is still nameless, but I have a concept for her already, she is going to be a Moon Goddess. I hope to let you know more abou her soon 🙂

I also bought another doll: Her name is Anastasia, Anja for short, and she is a Dollmore Alex Doll Alexia LE10 Daudet’s Star (Fullset), and I totally fell in love with her vintage doll look!

Meet Anastasia <3

Please watch the following videos I made, if you want to know more about my LDoll experience and Haul:


Meridian’s Gift and a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2014 everyone!!!! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows this blog and comments on my posts! You make me happy and inspire me so much in this hobby!

I have been so busy, as usual, in the Holidays! I am sorry I am not commenting much or posting anything but I had close to zero internet time during Christmas and I will be leaving for a small break in the mountains soon. Hopefully I will catch up with everyone’s posts, videos and pictures when I am back!

One of my dear doll friends, who is also the owner of the amazing blog Wayward Inn of Misfits (check out her blog, she has amazing characters and stories!!!) and her doll Meridian sent us a awesome package of gifts for Christmas! I just had the time to post the pictures now (sorry it’s a bit late!!!) but I couldn’t help but make a small photostory of Eliza’s package opening! Thank you soooo much dear for the gifts and hope you enjoy! 🙂

 photo DSC05165_2_zpsed730d5d.jpg
On Christmas day after everyone finished opening all the presents Eliza finds a curious package under the tree.
Eliza: Oh, there is another package here, someone must have missed it!…wait…it is for me? From Meridian! This is so unexpected and thoughtful of her!

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