Photostory: A Walk in the Woods

This weekend I had some time and the weather was nice so I decided to take my dolls outside. It Β was not supposed to be a story, just a photoshoot. But when I was editing the pictures I kept seeing these scenes in my head and imagining what they were doing so I decided to write a small description and make a sort of story, even if it doesn’t make much sense! I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

A Walk in the Woods: Extra
EXTRA: A Walk in the Woods


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! <3

For the day of love I thought making a session with my 2 couples would be appropriate, I decided to show where their relationship stands and how different they are one from another!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

These two are in a point where things are going quite well, and they are quite passionate about everything (ahem…as you can see) ! They are such a beautiful couple and such loved dolls, I can’t imagine myself without them ❀

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

These two love birds are in a point where nothing is sure yet, they great partners and depend on each other but they really do not admit (yet) it is turning into something else and that they actually are beginning to feel something deeper. They are going through hard times but they feel safe together!
I am so happy about them and it feels amazing to finally have them as dolls ❀

Wish you a wonderful day full of love!


The boys!

Took some pictures of my only 2 boys! They are just awesome πŸ˜€

The boys!
George looks kind of girly next to Alek’s mature features, but I love the contrast between them, and they totally fit their characters πŸ˜‰
George is the pretty boy and Alek is the though guy!

The boys!
George must be thinking: “Who does he think he is posing like that and being the though guy? I got here first!”
Yeah…I guess they would not be friends if they met, but right now they share a kind of “male solidarity” being the only men in the house! πŸ˜‰

The boys!
I love George in this picture, I love how he turned out, it took me a while but I guess he is finally where I want him to be! Just need to get him some more clothes, but he has already a good style and wardrobe (even if I struggle finding goo shoes for him :S )

The boys!
I love Alek’s misterious look! Can’t get enough of it! I am still experimenting with posing him though…he is so masculine and mature the usual pretty boy minifee poses just look off!

I also did a body review for the new Iplehouse JID Model body, check the video:


Meet Alek!!!!

My new JID Owen (realskin+Model body) from Iplehouse arrived today!!!

Meet Alek!

His name is Aleksander Aalders, also known as Wolf, and he is part of Arya’s story and world!

He is a wanderer/vagabond, he was part of what is called the Resistence, a melicia opposition to the regime of Eden, and he has a pretty dark past. Recently he redeemed himself and decided to leave it an travel, spending most of his time with the Nomads and doing various jobs for them. He spends his life in the shadows and he has to be discreet because he doesn’t want people to find out about his past.

Meet Alek!

When Arya escapes her family and gets lost, he finds her and decides to help her bringing her to the closest Nomad camp. They then become “partners” in their travels, because of their common interest of not being found πŸ˜€

Obviously later in the story they will become a couple, because I am and incurable hopeless romantic ❀

Partners in crime <3

He looks so PERFECT with Arya!!! I am soooooo happy about them! I love him, and how well his style fits with hers πŸ™‚ I just wish he was a bit taller , because Naraes are so freaking tall!!! But still they are amazing, I am so happy I chose him for Alek πŸ™‚

Partners in crime <3

Hope you love him (Arya sure does!) πŸ˜‰ I am so happy he is here!!!!!!!!!



Meet Emi :)

Finally have time to do Emi’s presentation! I have been busy with my thesis lately… 1 month to go and I will present it, so it’s the most stressful part!

I don’t know if anyone remembers her (she used to be a JerryBerry Berry, but for a short time),I decided to re-shell her keeping her backstory with some minor changes.

 photo DSC04071_2_zpsfa11b364.jpg

Here is a small introduction: Emi’s complete name is Γ‰milie Marie Mignon and she is 14. She is French, born is Paris, but she is currently living in Milan, Italy (she has italian grandparents on her mother side). She is quiet and calm, and very positive about life (and maybe a bit naive). She loves pink and pastel colours. She is also a dreamer, dreams of traveling the world and being an artist to spend her life doing beautiful things ❀

 photo DSC04074_2_zps27c3fc76.jpg

I am loving this girl: like you probably already know, I bought her at this year’s LDoll Festival, she is a Another Space 43cm Peanut in NS, and she came with a fullset and an extra outfit+shoes (which was pretty cool!). I kept most of her fullset look, since I love her default wig on her! I just changed her eyes to CiG glass eyes (she came with dark brown acrylics that were too dark). I love her sweet and intelligent smile and how delicate she is! I know these dolls are not very famous, but I totally recommend them. Feel free to check this post I made about her body in case you are curious: https://dollwishes.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/another-space-43cm-body/

Extra pic of her fullset:
 photo DSC03993_zpsa0869ecc.jpg


As I managed to sell my Pukifee Luna (Xagadoll Lara is still for sale, check her here) at a good price I manage to put my new JID Owen on layaway!!! YEY! He will be real skin and with the default B face-up!

I am so happy! I currently have 2 dolls on layaway that I am totally excited about!!! I have been developing my Arwen’s character a lot and looking for clothing for her, she will be kind of romantic and “steampunk-ish”, so it hasn’t been quite easy but I managed to find some stuff and already bought an amazing dress from Lelahel for her! I have been eyeing some Dollheart stuff too…hehe.

My JID guy will be part of my Narae’s story (their names will be revealed soon), so he will have a pretty unique style as they live in a completely different world from ours (mixed between vintage/steampunk and dark). I saw some stuff over at Iple that I love for him but I need to search a bit more what fits these handsome men! I am planning on doing some moodboards for their style, if I have time πŸ™‚

With all these new dolls and plans I am kind of feeling overwhelmed by the old ones…sometimes I get the feeling I have too many dolls to give them the attention they deserve. I don’t want to sell anyone else though, especially not the characters from my stories, so I decided that I will buy new dolls only if they have a strong purpose from now on, that are an important part of one of the current stories or that have a special meaning to me. This way I avoid the frustration feeling like I “cannot” sell them, even if they don’t get a lot of attention (it’s hard to explain, hopefully you get what I mean). I could just say I won’t buy more dolls, but you all know how that ends… πŸ˜€