Concepts, impatience and solving problems…hopefully!

While waiting on my girls that went of for face-ups (I am so excited about them and I am getting sooo impatient it’s taking quite longer than I expected…:( ) , I am getting to the planning of concepts for the new dolls . They already existed as characters but I guess I never gave much thought about exactly how they looked so I decided to do a little Dream Selfy concept.
I am not going to develop much about them for now, because then I also like to confirm that the doll really works for what I had in mind, but I will give a basic description just to explain the picture.
Meet Penelope [Fairyland Feeple60 Chloe NS] and Ophelia [Luts Delf Arwen Light Tan]:

Ophelia and Penelope

Ophelia does not live in our dimension, however in her “steampunk-ish” world there is an secret organisation dedicated to travelling through dimensions, and she comes across it through her father (more about that lately as it is a complicated story), and that is how she comes to this dimension where she meets Penelope (that used to be the name of another doll I have, but it was also her original name and since I sold the other doll she keeps it!), who is actually a witch, but not a very well trained one (long story there too). Later they find out that their destinies are actually connected, and that is how the story goes on. Sorry if this is confusing but I don’t want to reveal much already and I am still working on this story 🙂

OTHER NEWS: For those who read my previous post or follow me on Flickr, I hopefully am in the process of solving Izzy’s problem (my Littlefee Rachel who broke her hand connector piece). First I want to thank you everyone so much for all the suggestions and sweet comments 🙂 Fairyland just told me to go through the dealer this time…c’mon!!! When the problem with Eliza’s arm happened they said I should go through them and not the dealer…now they say to go through the dealer…I don’t know what they think anymore! Maybe they are so busy they want to handle the less possible???? Well at least it seems like they will handle it through the dealer, which means I will have my substitute part: I am just waiting for confirmation from Wind Dolls. I have to say Stéphanie from Wind Dolls was really sweet and replied really fast to my e-mails and told me not to worry that she will handle everything and I will have my new part!! Hopefully it won’t take 2-3 months like Eliza’s arm though…

Hopefully I will get both my girls and the hand connector piece soon! Even if I won’t have much dolly time until December… 😦