Long time no see… News and explanations!

Hello everyone!
No, I have not been kidnapped or left the hobby, I am still here! I know it’s been an eternity since I posted anything at all (almost 6 months). I have had moments where I thought about posting, but at first there was so much happening and no certainties, making me uncomfortable to make any announcement without knowing for sure what was going to happen. And after a while when everything seemed to be taking a direction, I still didn’t have time or energy to do a lot with dolls, there were to many other things to think about. I am really sorry for not keeping everyone here updated though… and that is the main reason why I decided to post today.

If you follow me on YouTube you probably know what has been happening (I kept posting some updates over there, even if not very often), but I will let you know really quickly why I disappeared from my blog. Basically, it started when in March my boyfriend (with whom I lived) had to move to a new city because of a job. Since we weren’t sure if it would just be temporary or not, we decided to give it some time before we took any decisions and therefore we started living apart in two different cities and seeing each other only on weekends. My job is really demanding currently and I get home exhausted during the week with close to no energy to dedicate to the hobby. And this situation obviously made me want to spend most of my free time (and also only possible doll time) with my boyfriend. Therefore I started doing doll-related things rarely and sporadically, and I basically reduced the time I dedicated to the doll communities. I make videos sometimes because, for me, they ended up being an easiest way to update my doll friends and followers on what is going on, since it is so much faster than writing. Don’t get me wrong, I still play with my dolls and plan stuff for them or make projects, but since I don’t have a lot of time it is not as “intense” as before.

The good news is that everything worked out for my boyfriend and I recently found a job close to him myself,  so I am going to be moving there in the middle of October, which is very soon! 🙂 We started moving and packing in August and unfortunately most of my dear dolls are currently in storage waiting for me to move definitely… this is sad but it is for a good cause and I am really excited about the changes going on! We will have a new apartment that will be much bigger than my current one, we will also have space dedicated to my dolls and maybe even a crafting and a photo space. YAY! I always wanted that! 😀 I also hope that this change will help me dedicate more time to the hobby, to my doll projects (I have so many pending for multiple reasons) and to the online community, because I miss you guys and I miss posting about my dolls!!!

If you follow me on Flickr or Youtube you probably know this already but there are also some updates in my collection!!! Exciting!!! 😀

First of all I got a new SD boy in the end! He got here last week and he is awesome!!! He is a Migidoll M-Style Yujin on the new BNB 16th Body ❤ He is currently naked just because I didn’t really prepare much for him and the stuff I got either didn’t work or didn’t fit. I will let you know soon – when he is finally dressed (probably after I move) more about him and his story. But he will be part of my SD story: The Travellers.

The other surprise, also for me since it was a completely impulse buy, is that I got a new SD doll that I have wanted for quite a while but never justified getting: a Supiadoll Rosy! I had this dream about a new character that could be part of Ophelia’s world and I was quite intrigued by her. When I found this doll on the DoA Marketplace I just had to get her for this character, she really spoke to me! So that happened and she got here last week. YAY! Like my new boy she is still lying around in improvised temporary looks since all my doll clothes and things are currently in storage… but I am so happy about them 😀

Here is a quick and dark cellphone picture of the two together (you find their BO’s on my Youtube channel):

Two new gorgeous arrivals this week!!! My Supiadoll Rosy and my first SD boy Migidoll Yujin! They look amazing despite the nakedness and not have their own eyes/wigs, and more surprising: they look so well together!!! I am tempted to change his character

I also got a new  Azone: Pureneemo Character Series Movie K-ON Hirasawa Yui and a Ruruko Doll: the Dreaming (YUMEMIRU) version (details and presentations in another future post)! Which is quite big since I have wanted a short-haired Azone and a Ruruko for sooooo long! You find their arrival videos on my Youtube channel if you like 🙂

And I guess those are the biggest news that happened lately! Hopefully I will let you know more soon, probably when I move and manage to move and organise stuff at home enough to take out the doll stuff. Meanwhile feel free to follow me on Youtube (I am wishes over there), I post videos over there most of the times I have updates, even if not as often as I would like to…

Have a wonderful end of the week and see you soon! ❤





Haru and Mia!

My Azone Cat Aika arrived yesterday and I finally can present my little girls 🙂

Meet my animal girls!!! ❤

Haru and Mia

They are animal spirits (or kami) that also have a human form, and they live in a little hidden village where other creatures like them live. They usually do not show themselves to humans (who are so much bigger than them), but sometimes they show themselves to children. They will also be part of Mei’s story (watch the video on the bottom for more on that).

Haru and Mia

And they finally have names:

Haru (on the left) is a little wolf girl. She is quite confident and a bit crafty and also very smart! She loves earthy colors and clothes, and she also loves to play (unharmful!) pranks and go on adventures 🙂

Mia (on the right) in a little kitten girl. She is very shy and takes a while to trust people, but she is also very sweet. She loves cute and pastel coloured things and clothes. She is afraid of going out of her comfort zone 🙂

I love how they look together 🙂

An extra picture of Mia, when she arrived yesterday. She is sooooo cute!!!

Guess who arrived yesterday!

And the video:


News, rambles and Azone!

I haven’t written in what feels like a long time, especially because there have been some news, but I have been kind of busy!!! Sorry!

First of all, I finally got my new and first Azone doll and I am already hooked!!! She is a little wolf girl and her fullset is simply amazing!!!! To be more precise she is a EX Cute 9th Series Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi Wolf / Himeno. Still thinking of a name for her, I will present her soon! ❤

Here she is:

 My little Wolf girl is home!

My little Wolf girl is home!

I love her looks and clothes, she is awesome quality and so cute and poseable!!! I was so happy about her I immediately decided I had to get her a friend so I got another Azone doll, this time the cutest little cat (I had been wanting her too for such a long time and finally decided to get her). She will take a while to arrive though…hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have her ❤ She is an EX Cute 9th Series Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi Cat / Aika

Another one!

In other news:
I had a bit of a crisis with my collection lately, since Ophelia arrived (as you might have noticed) and I put 2 dolls up for sale. The good news are that they sold really quickly and it wasn’t that stressful at all (I usually hate the stress of selling dolls). The Another Space girl is already on her way to a new home and the IH Bianca is currently on layaway!

Yesterday I decided to put Mei for sale too, but at the first person interested I regretted it so much I decided I am going to keep her, even if with some changes.
I had her for such a short time now, I am still waiting on her stuff and she is just too adorable for me to let her go, at least for now! She now has a new wig and new eyes and I am loving a softer look on her. In the end, I changed her character from what I had planned at first and she turned out to be sweeter and less “shiny” than what I thought at first!

Here she is (sorry for the crappy phone picture, the weather was awful):

In the end she stays!

I also recently decided that I am going to keep my IH Bianca’s character, Serena in my Unoa Lusis hybrid and she will be part of the w.i.s.h.e.s crew but I will make a post on the new her soon 🙂


Meet sweet Mei! Plus a body review :)

Meet Mei!

My new girl has a name : Mei Kimura! I actually changed the her character because I gave it some thought and what I had planned for her ended up not working.

Mei is a happy girl, always with a smile on her face! She is very positive and a bit naive about people. She is 14 but quite immature for her age, she is a daydreamer always creating imaginary new world and creatures, that she dreams and writes about. People think she will eventually grow out of it… but… there is something that is going to happen that is a surprise for now! 🙂 Actually it has to do with a new addiction to my dolly group, but this time a different type of doll! I will put more about this in the end of this post 😉

Sorry for the grainy pictures but the day was really dark and rainy…not ideal for pics!

Meet Mei!


Oh I also did a body review on the 40cm Obitsu body, please check this video if you are interested:


Coming home!!! My first Azone doll!

I totally forgot to write about this in the last posts because I was so excited about my new girl! But I did it, I was drooling over Azone cuteys for such a long time and this one in particular, so when I had the unexpected opportunity I got her 🙂 She will be home in February hopefully! I am also hoping she will work out with my Obitsu girl. I know they are completely different in size, but I hope they work for something I have planned for their story 😉

She is a EX Cute 9th Series Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi Wolf / Himeno. Not my picture!