New dolls and new looks!

Hello everyone,

First of all I want to show you how Padma looks now. Since I got her I wanted to give her a new hair-do and accessories to make her more her character. Padma is a Dorani (Nomad) and her people is inspired by Gypsy and Indian culture.

Padma's new look

I have worked on her a couple of weeks ago but I still hadn’t had the opportunity to take some pictures of her finished look. I gave her a couple of thin braid with some accessories and also two gold piercings (a nose and a sign on her forehead) and I think she looks so perfect now! Completely as I envisioned her 🙂
Padma's new look

In other news though I have been on quite a doll buying phase of totally unplanned dolls. So there will be 3 new additions to my family soon. Ooops 😉 I actually got a small bonus this month and I ended spending it on dolls…but I guess it is justifiable if they make you happy, right?

The first one was a BJD British Cat from ElleoDolls on Etsy. I have been wanting a cat BJD for so long and I finally placed an order for this beauty! I wanted a “chubby” cat, not the usual siamese/asian style cats you see a lot, and I found this one so I was really happy, I could not NOT order it! I hope it doesn’t take long to get it home, they say it takes 6-8 weeks 🙂

[image from ElleoDolls]

The second one is the sweet Iplehouse KID Irene. I have been admiring the Iplehouse KID dolls for a while now and I have always loved Irene but I never had a reason to get one myself. I suddenly had an epiphany last week that she would actually be perfect for a character from Edenia. It’s not like it is a main character but she is a special one for me and she has a clear story in my mind so I thought it would be good to have her in doll form. Also I couldn’t resist Irene’s cuteness any longer and this was the perfect excuse to get her… so she is on layaway now in Peach Skin (I miss their PS resin) and with the type C face-up (in the picture), along with some clothes, shoes, a wig and eyes (as if it were a fullset) taking advantage of Iple’s current discounts 🙂 It will take long but I can’t wait for her to be home!

Ordered! I did it again :)
[image from Iplehouse]

And finally the most unexpected and surprising of all my purchases: She is a Volks DWC#2 head and was for sale in the MP on DoA and I couldn’t resist! She is soooo amazing! OMG I can’t believe I actually got this beauty!

I had been wanting a Volks Doll for such a long time, especially after I met WennieBJD’s Bailey in person! I hope to make an hybrid out of this girl but since she was completely unplanned I don’t know what I am going to do or who she will be. Any suggestions for nice bodies for Volks SD hybrids? I know the Feeple60 body works really well and maybe the MaskatDoll Body or the AprilStory body… any other options?

[image from the seller :Mia ^o^]


Still here!

It has been quite a while since I posted anything and since I had any time for dolls… I am sorry that I haven’t been commenting much, I just wanted to let you know I keep following everyone’s pictures and videos.

As for news, I got my Minifee Nanuri 2014 head and I love her!!! However I didn’t even have time to take pictures of her I just cleaned her face-up off to send her to the face-up artist. I’ll have her and my little Lusine (Dust of Doll Meel) painted by the amazing Luna from La Coterie della Lune! I am super excited: can’t wait to have them back 😀

In other news Arya is looking quite different! First she got a new wig recently, that I haven’t showed yet. It’s a gorgeous Alpaca wig commission from KagamiDesign on Etsy (that I totally recommend). I had been wanting a wig like this for a while and finally Arya looks like herself. This is her natural hair, wavy and a bit “puffy”, however when she lived in Eden (before she run away) she used to wear it straight and longer, and her maids spent hours making it look “perfect”.

 Someone else's story...

Here she is also wearing my latest commission from HarajukuDolls, which is in reality Padma’s outfit (hence the title). But it was so gorgeous I couldn’t resist dressing Arya with it. I think she looks amazing, can’t wait to try it on Padma when I have her with me again…(hopefully in the beginning of October)! As usual I totally adore Flo’s work: she is so talented ❤ And she has been nominated the official seamstress of Edenia!!!

More pictures, because she is gorgeous:

Someone else's story...

Someone else's story...

Someone else's story...


Dust of Doll Meel and first face-up ever!

1st complete face-up ever!

Sorry for the crappy picture, but there is no light anymore…

For those who don’t know my Dust of Doll Meel arrived yesterday, in the middle of a really busy “work from home” day, so I just got to do a quick BO video and that’s it.

She was blank, so I decided that I would try to give her a face-up, since I have been exploring and trying with a test head, but this is the first complete and real face-up I ever did!!! So it has mistakes and is a bit dirty but I am quite happy with it!!! 🙂

Maybe in the future I will send her away for a face, but for now she looks ready to me ❤
Tomorrow hopefully I will take a couple of GOOD pictures of her complete… Hope you like it 😀

 She is ready!!!

Watch her BO video here if you are interested:



I am sooooo happy!!!! Why? Finally I will have my two new girls back from face-up!!!!!! Also my Narae is ready AND SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS!

Arya's beautiful face!!!

[image from La Coterie de la Lune]

This means Pandora and Arya will be shipped out tomorrow! They could be here by the end of the week so this is exciting news 😀

Finally I am revealing her name, she is Arya, but I will present her properly when she arrives. Oh and those are her default eyes too, which look awesome ❤ *HAPPYDANCE*

I am so happy with them, the face-up artist did an awesome job, I already loved her work but I am so impressed with the result and professionalism! Totally recommend Luna from La Coterie de la Lune if you need face-ups and she has good prices too 🙂


Pandora’s Face <3

Just wanted to drop by and show off my Unoa Lusis girl who just got her face-up done! The face-up artist sent me the pics yesterday night (she told me they were done lightbulbs so the colours were much stronger than in real life) and she looks amazing!!! 🙂 YEY!!!

Hopefully she will be able to do my Narae’s face-up soon (if the weather just stopped being so uncooperatively damp!) and I can have my beautiful new girls home!!! I am getting so impatient, even if my dolly time until Christmas will be close to nothing…

Here she is:

 photo 10841578255_bdcf33f8ac_o_zps403e6ca0.jpg

[image from La Coterie de la Lune]