Meet Lily!

Yup, I got a new unexpected doll 🙂

Meet Lily!

Lily is a Licca head on a Pure Neemo XS body. I found her head for about 3 Euros on Ebay last week, she was second hand, her hair was a bit all over the place and she didn’t have her earings but she was in quite good condition nonetheless. And for such a low price (plus free shipping!) I had to get her!

Then I got her body also for a great price so I was totally happy about it. When I got her I combed her hair and gave her some earings and put her together with some random clothes I had that are a bit snug on my other girls (on the S and M bodies), but I never thought I would fall so head over heels in love with such a doll, but the truth is I simply ADORE her! I love her face and expression, her proportions and even her big hair.

I see Lily as a bit of a nerdy teenager girl so I might even get her some glasses 🙂

Meet Lily!

And here she is together with my other Pure Neemos:

The Azones (and the Licca)

I hope you like her as much as I do ❤


Isadora is home <3

My Volks DWC#2 has arrived and she has a body!

Isadora is home <3

Her head arrived on the beginning of last week and her body arrived in the end the week and despite the customs problem everything went well in the end. She is on a Volks SD13 body I got from the DoA Marketplace short after your feedbacks that I should try to get a Volks body instead of the hybrid body and see if I like it. And here it is! I think she is perfect!

Isadora is home <3

So meet my new girl: Isadora!
I am still getting to know her, hope to tell you more about her soon 🙂

Sorry for the crappy pictures, but the light has been awful! If you want to know more please check out the video I made when she got home:


Another Space 43cm body

Since you might have read in my previous post I just bought an Another Space 43cm Peanut at LDoll Festival. She is not yet read for her official presentation (I will make another post on her character) but many people have been asking me about her body so I decided to make a post about it. Like I said before: I like her body quite a lot, it is simple and single jointed but very sweet and well made (i am quite picky about hands and feet design and I must say they are great!). For a single jointed body she poses quite well, better than my Narae, but I am considering sueding her arms to get some more range of montion. She stands well on her own, she is very sturdy and stable :)

Here are some pictures of her  in simple poses, so that you can get an idea of how it looks like. She is normal skin and has the factory face-up, in case you are wondering 🙂 Enjoy!

 photo DSC04088_2_zpsfbfa0564.jpg

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The new girl and the old gang…

I haven’t had a lot of time to think about this girl’s name and it will be a month until she gets a face-up, but I thought she deserved at least some pictures with decent lighting and clothes on. She is soooo perfect ❤ Check my Flickr for more pictures!

New girl <3

I was also asked about the differences between the Narae and Minifee bodies and I decided to take some simple comparison shots for those interested.

My Narae is a N416 (Dreamer) from 2013 in Korean Real Skin and large bust and the Minifee is Charlotte (my Ryeon) from 2010 in NS and A-line body with small bust (she has not yellowed, or maybe just a little but almost unnoticeable when compared to my newer Shushu from 2012).

As I said in my previous post Minifees are obviously better posers, especially because the Narae body is not double-jointed. Charlotte holds her poses much better and is more stable (which gets her a much wider range of poses), however Narae feels sturdy and heavier. I also love the sculpting on my Narae, she has a much more photogenic and mature body and a lot of attention was given to details, the hands, the feet and her belly (OMG I love her belly). You know I am a huge fan of the Minifee’s body (no better body when it comes to posing and they are really cute and well made), but I have to say Narae wins by far when it comes to aesthetics (however i guess I will have to do some sueding at some point if I want her doing some serious posing).

Minifee&Narae Comparison

 photo DSC03247_2_zps6d254620.jpg

 photo DSC03258_2_zps2de2b2ac.jpg

I also took a picture to compare her skin to Iplehouse’s Peach Gold, as her and Serena are my two “tanned” beauties. Even if Peach Gold is more like “sun-kissed” than actually tanned. I love both of these girls skin color!

 photo DSC03283_2_zpse3fd467f.jpg


For Adoption: Lati Blue Rucas Ryu

Like most of you know I decided to buy a Minifee to become George and I am selling my Lati Blue Rucas! Please let me know if interested!

More Pictures: www.flickr.com/photos/ladysophia/sets/72157623283210517/

From DoA form:
Item: Lati Blue Rucas/Ryu
Brand/Maker: LatiDoll
Skintone and Resin Type: Normal Skin NS
Included in sale: This sale is for a complete doll (head and body). I will include his default dark green glass eyes and the dark blue glass eyes in the pictures. He also comes with his original Lati box, pillows and papers.

Item Description
Lati Blue Rucas Ryu in NS with default face-up and muscular body.

I bought his body from the marketplace second hand and his head new from Lati some months ago (April), both are in great condition. He has a gorgeous Lati default face-up. He has been played with and I restrung him so he is posing much better than he did when he arrived to me.

Clothes, shoes and wigs in the pics are NOT included.

This item has no noticeable yellowing.
I bought the body second hand from the market place and bought the head new from Lati, and they are a perfect match so I presume the body hasn't yellowed at all.
It was made in Body: 2009, Head: 2010.
I am the first owner of this item.

Payment Information
Price: $300 + shipping (Negotiable)

Payment Options: Paypal (credit card), Paypal (balance)
Other Payment information: I also accept Bank Transfer within the European Union.

Splits?: Yes with conditions
I will only split if I find a buyer for both parts.

Trades?: Yes
– Fairyland Puki Puki Rose/Ante NS/WS with default face-up
– Fairyland Minifee Miyu NS with A-line body
– Fairyland Pukifee Ante NS
– Fairyland Littlefee Leah/Shiwoo/Pipi
– Fairyland Minifee Rheia NS sleeping faceplate with default face-up (+ money from you)
– Fairyland Minifee Carl/ Ryeon NS sleeping faceplates with or without face-up (+ money from you)
– Fairyland Minifee Miyu NS open-eyed faceplate with default face-up (+ money from you)
– Fairyland Pukifee / Minifee magnetic hands NS (+ money from you)

Layaway?: Yes
Please let me know your proposition and probably we can agree on something
Shipping Information:
Item ships from: Portugal, EU
I will ship the item 1-3 business days after receiving payment.
I will ship internationally.
I will underdeclare an item if asked.
I will mark an item as a gift if asked.

Shipping Options:
EMS International
Express Mail Registered with Tracking
Normal International Registered mail
I do not require insurance. Please keep in mind that if you do not choose insurance, I am not responsible for loss or damage in transit.

non-smoking household, does not have pets.

Feedback at DoA:

Please PM me if you are interested!!