Doll Wishlist

This is a list of dolls I am planning to buy in the future, plans for future dolls and dolls I would like.

Luts Senior Delf SD boy

I really want a boy for my SD girls, but I will wait a while to get him (I am not sure I can deal with such a big boy). I would love a Senior Delf because I love the height difference between him and the Delf and Feeple60 girls. Here are some sculpts I like, even if I might still change my mind: SD Noel and Howl.

WISHLIST: Luts Senior Delf boy
[images from Luts]

Fairyland Minifee boy

I decided to keep this one here even though I don’t think I will ever buy him…! My favorite is Seorin but I am also considering Luka or Woosoo. Hope I will be getting him soon…

Wishlist Summer 2012
[images from Fairyland]