Happy Holidays!

I am leaving tomorrow to spend the holidays in Portugal and Italy. I will have internet and my computer but I will probably have no dolls with me. So I am going to wish you happy holidays and an amazing new year! Just in case 🙂

Happy Holidays!

This photo is not very festive but I thought it kind of reminded me of the holidays and I decided t post it. I just found out that my little Anastasia is a little child prodigy Virtuoso 🙂

The violin I got at the Christmas Market in my town and it was an awesome find, it fits perfectly with her. The clothes are by the amazing Antik Fabrics by Heliantas (I got them for her at LDoll) and they have an amazing Vintage Doll/Circus feel to them that I just ADORE!

Again, have a wonderful time these holidays!

Happy Holidays!

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you!!! I am glad you liked the picture and it brought back some Christmas memories despite the non-holidays theme 🙂 I hope you had wonderful holidays!

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