Exciting news!!!

My dear girls Lusine (DoD Meel) and No name Minifee Nanuri 2014 are ready and I received the pictures from Luna from La Coterie de la Lune this weekend. They look so absolutely gorgeous and amazing! I have no words!

Exciting news!!!

Exciting news!!!
[images from La Coterie de la Lune]

I love Luna’s work, she is undoubtedly one of my favourite face-up artists ever! She also painted my Arya and my Serena and they are amazing as well.

If you don’t know La Coterie de la Lune, you should absolutely visit her pages on Flickr or on Facebook.

She was also so kind to paint them both this weekend so that I could have them before LDoll (since I would love to take Lusine with me and buy her some stuff) 🙂
They should get here next week! I can’t wait!

Also, I finally heard from Lillycat Cerisedolls and my Millie Choupie shipped last Friday, so she should be her this week, hopefully! YAY! And this weekend I am going to bring ALL my dolls here with me!!!!! Couldn’t be happier!

2 thoughts on “Exciting news!!!

    • Thank you! I have been quite inactive lately but I hope to post something of them soon. I posted a couple of pictures of them complete on my Flickr though 🙂

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