Padma has an outfit!

I just received the photos from my latest HarajukuDoll commission and I am sooo happy (you can check for more details photos on her Flickr)!

[image from HarajukuDoll]

I had been wanting to commission this amazing outfit for a while now, since my dear Padma came home, as this is her outfit, but Flo was not making commissions at the time so I had to wait, but I knew she was the perfect person for the job (especially after she made me 2 amazing outfits for Arya).

[image from HarajukuDoll]

I gave her the sketchy drawing of the concept and some reference pictures for inspiration and she made magic!!
This is a gypsy inspired outfit, as Padma is part of the Nomads or Dorani (a nomad people with Gypsy/Hippie inspiration). I can’t wait to see it on the doll, even if she is currently not with me and it will probably have to wait….

I have been waiting on the story though, even if slowly, maybe i will post something on that soon 🙂

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