My little Azones <3

My pinked haired princess is here!

 My pinked haired princess is here!

My new Sahras a la Mode Alisa Nostalgic Story Limited! Surprisingly this beauty arrived home on Friday! The shipping was super fast, since she came from Japan and the shipping option was not the fastest I expected her to take 2 weeks but she got here in less than a week: that was awesome! She is perfect, new and never opened and at the awesome price I payed for her (I didn’t know if she was second hand). She is not on the flection body like my other girls, but that’s ok, as bodies are not expensive, so I got her a new M flection body, that I am still waiting on.
Oh, and her fullset is so amazing! The details are awesome: I especially love her headband. And don’t get me started on her amazing gorgeous pink hair ❤

 My pinked haired princess is here!

And here is she with the rest of the crew:

The Azones

I love how these girls look together, I also decided to change their story a bit and their names! Please meet (from left to right) Emi (who used to be Haru), Hana and Mia. Emi is the lively, playful colorful girl, and she has the spirit of the wolf in her (she can also turn into one). Hana is a sweet and calm girl, she is like the big sister of both the girls, and she can communicate plants and animals, and feel their moods. Mia is a shy a frightful girl, who is very girly and has the spirit of the cat in her (she can turn into a cat). More on them soon 🙂

The Azones

My little Azone family feels complete now! I wanted a pink haired girl for so long, and I am glad she is different since she is on the M body. I might only buy someone else if I go for a short haired girl (i love short haired Azones) on the XS body, but will see! Currently I am waiting for new stuff for these babies, shoes, clothes and props! Can’t wait to spoil them ❤

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