White Flowers

Last weekend I made a photoshoot with my dear Arya and I finally had the time to edit it. This series has a lot of photos, that I won’t upload all at one. Instead I decided to upload in groups (and this is the first of 3). I am really proud of how they turned out, so I hope you enjoy and don’t find them to repetitive 😉

I was lucky to find this beautiful miniature roses in a shop and I though they would be perfect for a Arya, to complete the mood to a photoshoot I had been imagining for quite a while. In these photos I try to portrait her before she escapes home and meets Alex. When she was still Arianne (Arya is the fake name she takes when she leaves home) almost a “prisoner” in her own home, kept away from the world. I tried to show her innocence and solitude, but at the same time how she resigned to her lonely life. Obviously this is no actual “scene” in a story, its more an abstract and poetic scene to set a mood.

She also has a new wig (probably you noticed), I love the color on her, but her natural hair is wavy, so this is how her hair would look like when she lived at home, and she had to straighten it every morning to look perfect and precise (since society in Eden, where she is from, is quite strict). I am currently waiting on an alternative wavy wig for her, *fingers crossed* for it to work 🙂

Also, I am always amazed at how gorgeous this girl looks, she is just so beautifully sculpted and painted. She is probably one of the most beautiful dolls I ever seen. And the gorgeous dress she is wearing is by amazing Floriana from HarajukuDolls (the official stylist from my story Edenia) 😀

Enjoy the pictures below  (click “continue reading” to see all of them)

White Flowers

White Flowers

White Flowers


White Flowers

White Flowers

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