Pandora is home (again)!

Pandora, my FL Minifee Rin arrived to me today after 5 months and I am so happy to have her again (for those who don’t know she used to be my Unoa Minifee Hybrid but it didn’t work out). The last weeks have been really heavy and tiring and I feel totally exhausted, so she was a great way to finish the week 🙂 Too bad I am going on a small trip tomorrow and I will not have time to play much with her, but Monday I’ll be back, and it’s holiday here, so hopefully I will have time then. For now I must say she is so stunning!!!! And she is more perfect for Pandora than I even had imagined ❀

 Pandora arrived!

She is a Minifee Rin from Fairyland in NS with the default face-up, and she has an Hybrid M-Line body with the Cutie Bust (it looks much more proportionate than the M-Line body bust options in my opinion). Her wig (from Leeke World) and eyes (from Captured in Glass) turned out so well I was even surprised and I got her this dress from FoxyBrowny that couldn’t have been more perfect (it even matched her hair!!!): she looks like lavender cotton candy and incredibly sweet!

Pandora arrived!

Pandora arrived!

Box Opening

This time I had no time to make a video BO so I decided to take pictures, hope you enjoy:

 photo DSC06791_2_zpse13b5b13.jpg

Johnny was curious about the new arrival!

 photo DSC06792_2_zps16636e77.jpg
 photo DSC06793_2_zpscf96de51.jpg

The box: Surprise, this Minifee box has a different colour from my other ones! They also changed the style, but I guess I prefer the old version…

 photo DSC06794_2_zpsda3053aa.jpg

My first Minifee that actually has a certificate: what a luxury! ❀ (I wish they had made them longer ago)

 photo DSC06797_2_zps241ee1b2.jpg

The she is, with extras! 😀

 photo DSC06798_2_zps3c2efa0c.jpg
 photo DSC06802_2_zpsf61b33b9.jpg

I got the Minifee Magnetic Gloves and the Littlefee Sarang faceplate! I actually like them but I don’t see myself using either of them so I might sell them 🙂

 photo DSC06808_2_zps6bd26eaf.jpg

She is so cute: even bald and naked and with Fairyland ugly default plastic eyes! I am in love!


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