Millie Choupie: loving artist dolls <3

Oh well, I couldn’t resist!
My birthday was not long ago and when I learned that Lillycat Cerisedolls was re-releasing Millie Choupie AND there was a Dark Tan option I had to have her (I shouldn’t be getting more dolls but I asked for her as partly a b-day gift and I put the rest on layaway)!!! She is so amazing and she will have the default face-up that I think is just stunning! I am becoming a huge fan of artist dolls: I am totally in love with my little Meel, I guess they will be in the same “story”.
I already have big plans for her and I can’t wait to have some funds to get her some things. OMG I am so excited!!! Too bad it will still be a long wait 🙂

Millie Choupie
[image from Lillycat CeriseDolls]

AND the other good news are: guess who was shipped from Korea? My MNF Rin!!! She will go to the dealer in France and then come to me, hopefully in a couple of weeks she will be home! 😀

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