Meet Lusine (and an important announcement!) <3

Meet Lusine <3

My Dust of Dolls Meel has a name!!! Sorry for the thousand uninspired pictures but she is so cute I just couldn’t choose!

Her name is Lusine (which means “moon” in Armenian and I love the sound of it). I will tell you more about her soon, but just a small introduction: she isn’t part of any of my current doll stories, as she is so different from them. She is a house fairy/spirit, that protects the house and keeps balance, but also is playful and plays pranks on you. For example when you loose your keys, probably a creature like her has hidden them to play with you, or when you are feeling sad, these creatures will be there to make you smile 🙂

She is so perfect!!!

Meet Lusine <3

Meet Lusine <3

Meet Lusine <3

Meet Lusine <3

In other news, there might be some changes (due to real life happenings) in the hobby for me, at least for a while… if you want to know more please watch this video:

2 thoughts on “Meet Lusine (and an important announcement!) <3

  1. Congrats on the news! The doll hobby will always be here waiting so no need to stress. We will see you back when you get a chance to indulge in your hobby again!

    Congrats also on the new girl. She is beautiful and certainly does look like a fairy!

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