First artist doll!!!

First artist doll!!!
[image from Dust of Doll]

This was not supposed to happen, I was planning to keep my funds for new wigs and clothes for my dolls but when i had the chance to get this amazingly sweet girl I just couldn’t resist!!!

I have been wanting a Dust of Doll and a Cerisedoll (I am still getting one of these someday!) BJD for such a long time and I absolutely love Meel (I was sad that I couldn’t get her when they released her not long ago, because I had just bought some other dolls).

I am really excited about her, even if she might take a little while to come home, around10-15 days. She in NS and has no face-up so I am hoping to try to do it myself, if it goes really wrong I might send her off for a face-up though…! And I am going to make her into a sweet little thing! I AM SO EXCITED! YAY!!! 😀

Can’t wait for my incoming dolls to be home!!!

2 thoughts on “First artist doll!!!

    • Thank you!!! I am really happy about getting her, I had been drooling over these dolls since I saw them in LDoll, but for a while I thought I would never get one because I was too focussed on a specific style for my dolls. Since i have been experimenting more I just thought I would go for it. 🙂

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