Padma arrived!

Padma arrived!

My Souldoll SoulKid Arina with Sandy Brown skin arrived yesterday and I finally had time to post this 🙂

She is so stunning, her default face-up is gorgeous!!! And I am amazed at her body ❤ I knew the old bodies were a nightmare, but I have to say the new NL body is quite poseable.

Her name is Padma Darzim and she is a character in Edenia (together with Arya and Alek). She is a Nomad (kind of a gypsy) and she belongs to a very old lineage of women healers. She is actually a really important character in Alek's past and she she is in love with him (but I will develop that further soon).

She is currently wearing an improvised dress and wig and eye combo. Everything I ordered for her ended up not working so she had to use things I had already but I have to say I like the result. I am not sure she will be keeping this look though. As for clothes I want to commission something for her as I did for Arya 😀

More pics:

Padma arrived!

Padma arrived!

Padma arrived!

Her video BO:

2 thoughts on “Padma arrived!

  1. Oh gosh, she looks amazing! I love how you’ve styled her. And that Sandy Brown skin looks like it’s a beautiful colour. Love her name too.

    I love Gypsy characters. I still haven’t been able to shell mine.

    • Thank you! I am loving her and her character, I wanted something exotic for her (at least in this world I created), and the wig and eyes I ordered for her didn’t work, so I was happy these are working 🙂 I can’t wait to order a custom outfit for her too, unfortunately Flo from HarajukuDolls is really busy so she will have to wait a while I guess. I love Gypsy characters too, even if she is not really a Gypsy, she is inspired by them!

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