10 facts about Serena!

I recently re-shelled this character into her (since she was characterless, because I bought a Minifee Rin to be Pandora instead). I made some changes but kept most of her old personality, so here is more about her new self! Enjoy!

10 facts about Serena!

Name: Serena Alma
Age: 21
Doll: Unoa Lusis/Minifee Hybrid (used to be a Iplehouse nYID Bianca)

1. Serena is part of the wishes crew, from my photostories. Her connection with the main plot is the following: She is an artist and illustrator, she does mainly children’s books but she does also work on other types of projects. She was finished her studies in Charlotte’s university and that’s how they met and became friends.

2. She lives in a dreamland, she is always with her head in the clouds somewhere and she doesn’t care much what is going on around her. She escapes from the world drawing what is in her mind; she loves to create new worlds and creatures in her art.

3. She is reserved and discreet, usually people don’t notice her.

4. Unless she has one of her attacks, she suffers from low blood pressure that makes her faint often and also a weird condition that gives her short-term memory loss when she wakes up. She faints for various reason, nerves, heat, cold, too much noise and so on. People just think she is a weirdo. However some people warm up to her or feel sorry and try to help and that’s mainly how she manages to make friends.

5. Due to this condition she had a really protected childhood and she was home-schooled. But when she grew up she decided she wanted to go to art school and make her dreams come true so she left her parents house and went on her first “adventure”.

6. She has a close relationship with her parents, even if the live far away, she keeps contact with them as often as possible.

7. She loves nature and the countryside, anytime she gets the chance she likes to escape there.

8. Her clothes are mostly mori-style inspired.

9. She hates discussions or fights; she never gets angry at anyone so she doesn’t understand the point.

10. She loves being alone and read or draw, she really treasures her own space.

Extra photo, just because:

More Serena...

2 thoughts on “10 facts about Serena!

  1. Serena sounds like she enjoys a life of peace and quiet. She really comes across as such a gentle soul. Can’t wait to find out how she gets along with the rest of the wishes crew.

    • She really is peaceful, and I love how the doll passes out that vibe. Hopefully I will be able to work on some scenes with her and the rest of the crew 😉

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