Unexpected doll!

OMG I am excited, I just saw this girl in stock at Think Pink and I couldn’t resist, I actually have the money from the latest doll sales so I indulged myself buying her 🙂 I decided I will wait a while to buy my SD boy since I want to receive my Feeple Chloe first and see how she and Ophelia work out and then I will decide which boy to buy.

[image from Souldoll]

She is a SouldDoll Kid Arina with Sandy Brown skin and she is in the new NL body. And she will be in my Edenia story (that is Alek and Arya’s story). I have been developing it lately and there is actually a couple of new characters I really love and she is someone that has been gaining an important role in their story, especially when related to Alek. I couldn’t resist getting a doll for her and when I saw Arina I thought she is perfect, I am just hoping she works with them as well as I envision! Anyways, more on her soon, since she was in stock she should get here fast 🙂

2 thoughts on “Unexpected doll!

  1. Oh Congrats! I’ve always been curious about Souldoll Kids and especially that lovely Sandy Brown Skin. Let me know what you think of the body. I find it looks really lovely aesthetically but I am curious about how it functions at a posing level.

    • Thanks! Me too, I guess Souldoll Kids have been some of the first dolls I noticed and on my wishlist. But then I never got one because of their pose ability that was awful in the old bodies. However I heard the new bodies are quite different in that aspect and I love their aesthetics. And when I saw her in stock with that gorgeous skin tone I immediately though of my character and I couldn’t resist. Especially because that tone isn’t available for order anymore 🙂

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