News, rambles and Azone!

I haven’t written in what feels like a long time, especially because there have been some news, but I have been kind of busy!!! Sorry!

First of all, I finally got my new and first Azone doll and I am already hooked!!! She is a little wolf girl and her fullset is simply amazing!!!! To be more precise she is a EX Cute 9th Series Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi Wolf / Himeno. Still thinking of a name for her, I will present her soon! ❤

Here she is:

 My little Wolf girl is home!

My little Wolf girl is home!

I love her looks and clothes, she is awesome quality and so cute and poseable!!! I was so happy about her I immediately decided I had to get her a friend so I got another Azone doll, this time the cutest little cat (I had been wanting her too for such a long time and finally decided to get her). She will take a while to arrive though…hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have her ❤ She is an EX Cute 9th Series Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi Cat / Aika

Another one!

In other news:
I had a bit of a crisis with my collection lately, since Ophelia arrived (as you might have noticed) and I put 2 dolls up for sale. The good news are that they sold really quickly and it wasn’t that stressful at all (I usually hate the stress of selling dolls). The Another Space girl is already on her way to a new home and the IH Bianca is currently on layaway!

Yesterday I decided to put Mei for sale too, but at the first person interested I regretted it so much I decided I am going to keep her, even if with some changes.
I had her for such a short time now, I am still waiting on her stuff and she is just too adorable for me to let her go, at least for now! She now has a new wig and new eyes and I am loving a softer look on her. In the end, I changed her character from what I had planned at first and she turned out to be sweeter and less “shiny” than what I thought at first!

Here she is (sorry for the crappy phone picture, the weather was awful):

In the end she stays!

I also recently decided that I am going to keep my IH Bianca’s character, Serena in my Unoa Lusis hybrid and she will be part of the w.i.s.h.e.s crew but I will make a post on the new her soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “News, rambles and Azone!

  1. First, big congrats on the fast sales. I love when that happens. I hate having to hang on to dolls I am trying to move on.

    I didn’t know you had Mei up. I am glad you kept her. Sometimes all it takes is the reality of not having a doll there that can make you try something new with them and find something you like.

    Congrats on the Azone girl and her incoming friend! I love those two dolls. They are the two I was wanting to add to my Azone crew but so far, I haven’t really found them anywhere that had them at a competitive price tag. After market prices for them on ebay are just really high. No wonder it’s called evil bay.

    • Thank you! It was a big relief to see them sell quickly, I hate having dolls I want to sale stuck in “limbo” for a long time.
      For a moment I considered letting Mei go, as I hadn’t developed her much and she didn’t really belong in a story but then I decided she deserved another chance. She is so cute and “new” for me that I was afraid I was going to regret selling her. I am glad I kept her though, and that I found her a place with my Azones 🙂
      I am so excited about them btw, they are sooo adorable and their fullsets are gorgeous! I was lucky to find them both at a good price (even if not cheap). The Himeno I bought second hand and she was in great condition and in Europe, the Aika I found on ebay and was just a bit more expensive than Himeno, but she was new so I didn’t mind it much (I had been looking for her for a while now). Good luck with finding them at a good price!!! ❤

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