Beautiful Ophelia <3

I just remembered I didn’t post her good pictures here!

Not the best pictures but the light wasn’t helping at all! However I wanted to take some good pictures of this girl asap!!! Hopefully will take more soon and present her officially 🙂

Beautiful Ophelia

Beautiful Ophelia

Beautiful Ophelia

I am totally in love with her, she is sooo amazing it doesn’t seem real that she is my doll! And surprisingly I love her size ❤

However, she got me thinking about my collection and I decided to sell a couple of dolls! Find out more in this video or on the links below:

Yeah… I decided to put 2 dolls up for sale, my new Ophelia made me wonder about my current collection and I think it is for the best! Here is all the info, if you are interested or want more info please contact me on DoA or e-mail me here: (I ship from ITALY)

1) Iplehouse nYID Bianca (Peach Gold skin and default face-up) _SOLD
On DoA:
More pictures:
Company page:

2) AnotherSpace 43cm Peanut NS -SOLD
On DoA:
More pictures:

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Ophelia <3

    • Thank you! She is amazing! And she really made me re-think thing 🙂 I love SD dolls and her size too but I guess I am and always be a MSD kind of person! I will get my Feeple Chloe and the boy for their story and I guess that is it for SD dolls for me.

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