Box from Luts!!!

Ophelia is home ❤

Ophelia is home!!! <3

OMG!!! I am totally in love with her!!! I will present her soon, she is my Luts Delf Arwen in Light Tan Skin and with the default face-up 🙂

Sorry about the crappy phone pic but the light was already gone and terrible for pics (hopefully it will stop raining, it has been raining for 2 weeks without stoping) …I will take some proper pics as soon as possible (hopefully tomorrow?)!!! 😀

Oh! And my Azone doll shipped, hopefully she arrives soon!!! 🙂

Here is her BO video:

4 thoughts on “Box from Luts!!!

  1. Thank you! I was sooo excited about her that the box opening was a mess! hehe She is so perfect <3<3<3 And her face-up! OMG! Can't wait on my Azone too YEY!

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