Meet Alek!!!!

My new JID Owen (realskin+Model body) from Iplehouse arrived today!!!

Meet Alek!

His name is Aleksander Aalders, also known as Wolf, and he is part of Arya’s story and world!

He is a wanderer/vagabond, he was part of what is called the Resistence, a melicia opposition to the regime of Eden, and he has a pretty dark past. Recently he redeemed himself and decided to leave it an travel, spending most of his time with the Nomads and doing various jobs for them. He spends his life in the shadows and he has to be discreet because he doesn’t want people to find out about his past.

Meet Alek!

When Arya escapes her family and gets lost, he finds her and decides to help her bringing her to the closest Nomad camp. They then become “partners” in their travels, because of their common interest of not being found 😀

Obviously later in the story they will become a couple, because I am and incurable hopeless romantic ❀

Partners in crime <3

He looks so PERFECT with Arya!!! I am soooooo happy about them! I love him, and how well his style fits with hers 🙂 I just wish he was a bit taller , because Naraes are so freaking tall!!! But still they are amazing, I am so happy I chose him for Alek 🙂

Partners in crime <3

Hope you love him (Arya sure does!) 😉 I am so happy he is here!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Meet Alek!!!!

  1. Congrats on his arrival! For a minute there I thought you got an SD boy! He looks so mature! I am glad to hear you like the body. I’ve been super curious about that model body. How is his legs strung? Old school or separate from the rest of the body?

    He looks so good with Arya. They go well together.

    • Thank you!!! He really is mature for an MSD and that was actually what caught my eye about him 🙂 Also Arya has a pretty realist and kind of mature look. I also wanted him to look tough and not delicate like most MSD males. His body is really great, much better than the old one aesthetically and also very posable!! I am not sure about his legs though, but I will investigate and do a review video on him for you 😉
      I love my new couple sooo much!!!

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