Meet sweet Mei! Plus a body review :)

Meet Mei!

My new girl has a name : Mei Kimura! I actually changed the her character because I gave it some thought and what I had planned for her ended up not working.

Mei is a happy girl, always with a smile on her face! She is very positive and a bit naive about people. She is 14 but quite immature for her age, she is a daydreamer always creating imaginary new world and creatures, that she dreams and writes about. People think she will eventually grow out of it… but… there is something that is going to happen that is a surprise for now! 🙂 Actually it has to do with a new addiction to my dolly group, but this time a different type of doll! I will put more about this in the end of this post 😉

Sorry for the grainy pictures but the day was really dark and rainy…not ideal for pics!

Meet Mei!


Oh I also did a body review on the 40cm Obitsu body, please check this video if you are interested:


Coming home!!! My first Azone doll!

I totally forgot to write about this in the last posts because I was so excited about my new girl! But I did it, I was drooling over Azone cuteys for such a long time and this one in particular, so when I had the unexpected opportunity I got her 🙂 She will be home in February hopefully! I am also hoping she will work out with my Obitsu girl. I know they are completely different in size, but I hope they work for something I have planned for their story 😉

She is a EX Cute 9th Series Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi Wolf / Himeno. Not my picture!

4 thoughts on “Meet sweet Mei! Plus a body review :)

  1. The name suits her so well! She seems like a very sweet looking doll. I love her hands. How long was your wait time for her to ship?

    Thanks for doing the body review. I’ve always been a bit curious how these dolls were put together although I have to say, that neck piece looks pretty intense. And I love that she can hold weird poses. It sometimes makes me wonder why the resin folks can’t do that … maybe it’s the weight distribution? How do you find her weight compared to your resin folks?

    Another congrats is in order! Can’t wait to see these two girls together.

    • Thank you! She is adorable!! Can’t wait to find her default clothes 🙂 She shipped really fast, I ordered her on Wednesday and received the shipping notice on the friday after, they have everything in stock at Parabox so they ship out as soon as the order is confirmed.
      I think a lot of the reason vinyl dolls hold poses better is because of their skeleton that keeps that kind of clicks into the poses while resin dolls rely only on their weight balance. These dolls are also much lighter than resin dolls, maybe it helps? But I guess mostly is the skeleton… The neck piece was a nightmare, it looks like a torture instrument! I am happy I already put it in and won’t have to do it again for a while 🙂
      I will hopefully be getting my Azone soon, hope they work well! ❀

  2. She is SO CUTE!!! I can’t wait to see what the surprise in her story is… Especially since it involves a Neemo!!!! I’ve got the girl you’re getting and let me just say, she is sooo cute too!!! I can’t wait to see more from both Mei and your new girl!

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