Arya’s clothes and incoming characters!

Last month I commissioned some clothes for Arya, because I didn’t manage to find anything “already made” that corresponds to my view of her world and how she dresses. As you already know, she comes from a World very different from ours, I developed it a bit in the 10 facts post I did about her but I will try to tell you more about it soon.

I commissioned my talented friend Flo, from HarajukuDolls, because I think her work is awesome and she is the right person to bring to life this kind of worlds in her creations. Today I received the pictures of how the sets turned out and I am soooo happy! They will probably be arriving soon because they will be shipping next week and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the amazing results!!! I sent her drawings of what I envisioned and a description and she made the most beautiful dress sets there could be!!! Cannot wait to try them on Arya! Flo is sooooo talented and has such an attention for details! I am definitely planning to commission her again in the future πŸ˜€

Here are some pictures of the sets she sent me:

HarajukuDoll 2014 commission

HarajukuDoll 2014 commission

HarajukuDoll 2014 commission

HarajukuDoll 2014 commission

HarajukuDoll 2014 commission

HarajukuDoll 2014 commission

[more on HarajukuDolls Flickr]

When they get here I will be sure to explain everything about them, when and why Arya wears them πŸ™‚ Keep tuned!

As for my incoming characters, I am not sure how much you know about them, I have hinted on their stories before here and on my Flickr. However, I decided to do a video today to sum up all about them, if you are interested please check it down here:

4 thoughts on “Arya’s clothes and incoming characters!

  1. Oh my, those are some gorgeous dresses. I can’t wait to see them on your girls. Wow. I always lament the fact I can never find decent fantasy style clothing … now I don’t have a reason to lament!

    • Thank you! They look amazing, I know πŸ˜€ Like I said I totally recommend HarajukuDolls, Flo is not only a friend but also a very very talented Seamstress and she has such an unique style! I love how they turned out, can’t wait to see them on my girl ❀

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