Thankfulness tag

WennieBJD tagged me over at Flickr to do this new year tag and I thought it would be fun to post it here, too 😉 I am kind of late, I am just doing this now but I only came back from a break this week and obviously after vacation things start really busy and you just have no time to catch up!

I am so late on commenting on people’s pictures, posts and videos! I guess it will take a while until I finally catch up with everything… maybe I won’t be able to comment on everything I passed (internet moves so fast!) but I will be sure to get updated on all the news while I have been away!

Thankfulness tag

TAG Rules:

The end of the year is a time when many people take a moment to reflect on the past year. In your “doll life” what are five things you are thankful for?

If you would like to play this tag game, please take a photo of one of your favourite dolls, list five doll-related things you are thankful for, and also tag the person who tagged you along with at least five additional people 🙂

If you have Flickr feel free to do it, too, and post the link in a comment! I would love to read it 🙂


1. First of all, I am so thankful I met new people through the hobby! I am glad to have found out about YouTube and the BJD community there (I just wish I had more time for making my own videos). I have a new dolly penpal, that I love (she is the sweetest, she sent me so many beautiful gifts and I love sharing everything about the hobby and more with her). I also love that going to LDoll made me meet so many new people and discover a great new doll friend! Hopefully I will be seeing her again soon 😉

2. I am really happy I finally completed so many of my dolls with final looks and even backgrounds this year! Some of them have been a hard journey but belief in them really pulled through! I love how my doll collection looks at the moment, they couldn’t be more perfect!

3. I felt so down and disappointed with the hobby around the middle of the year, I felt my dolls did not mean the same to me anymore and I was so uninspired! I am soooo glad I decided to try new things and go beyond my safety zone! I got new dolls, some I sold because they didn’t work, some old ones had to go, but in the end I am really thankful I did it! I have to say I understand what I need in this hobby now, I love my characters and I have so grateful for my newest girls: Pandora and Arya (in the photo): They really brought the inspiration back to me and I now feel I love all my dolls again!

4. I am grateful for my boyfriend that always supported me and helped me acquire so many beautiful dolls! I love that I can talk to him about them and their stories 🙂

5. Finally, I am sooo excited about the dolls I have on the way (currently 4 0.0). So the new year certainly looks promising dolly-wise!

Hopefully 2014 will be even better than 2013 for me and all of you wonderful dolly-people!!!! Happy 2014! ❀

2 thoughts on “Thankfulness tag

  1. I am really glad to hear that you are feeling much better about your collection. I have to admit, I am still always surprised when I see your SD girl. For some reason, I can only imagine you with MSDs! I will look forward to see what you think of your Feeple girl.

    • Finally I am in love with my dolls again, the changes I did last year really helped me find a place for all of them in my collection, and those that didn’t work had to go 🙂 I am quind of a MSD person, I know…I see myself like that too! They seem so much more “manageable” to me. However I can’t help but loving the presence of my SD girl and I would love to try a lighter SD too (since Serena is so not portable and very bulky). I am very curious to see how I react to my new dolls! Hopefully they work for me 🙂

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