Ai-Chan is coming home!

I know this is unexpected, but I got some gift money this Christmas and I managed to pay off my Iple boy (yey!finally) and to get her!

I have been wanting an anime MSD vinyl doll for a while, but Volks MDD never fit with what I want (even if I love Rena, she is adorable). I recently came across Parabox and Obitsus (for a long time I thought they were just 1/6 dolls) and I fell for this cute face!

Ai-Chan is coming home!

[image from Parabox]

She is an Ai-Chan head on a 40cm body. She will come with wig and eyes and many extra hands!!! Hopefully she will ship soon, as I heard Parabox ships immediately after the order is confirmed!

At least, this way I have a doll to make up for my Feeple60…as I just heard they are only shipping September orders at this point and I ordered in December…so it will be a looooong wait! Hopefully the other two will be faster!

2 thoughts on “Ai-Chan is coming home!

  1. Congrats on the order! And your incoming Iple boy!

    I’ve heard the bigger Obitsu dolls (MSD+) are supposed to be fantastic at posing. When Luts came out with their anime style MSDs, I seriously considered getting one myself as I wanted one of those anime faces.

    Hujoo also do vinyl dolls in the MSD size don’t they?

    • Thank you! I am totally excited! Especially because the Parabox order already shipped!!! heheh! And I am hoping my Iple boy won’t take a long time to arrive…
      I heard really good things about big Obitsus too, and they are so cute! I really wanted to try a vinyl doll and I think they are perfect and the price is not absurd (like DD). I like Luts anime style dolls too but I wanted something vinyl to try it out! (Luts are resin right? Maybe I am wrong…)
      I am not an expert on Hujoo dolls, sincerely I never liked their style much so I never bothered to check them…maybe I should? Maybe I will in the future 🙂

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