10 facts about Pandora!

Finally Pandora has some attention! Here is her 10 facts presentation, explaining her story and character a little bit more. I decided that she will be part of the story of Eliza and she will know Vanilla (that is how she finished in this house together with the others). She is actually an old character inspired in the Spring Sprite from Fantasia 2000, that I obviously personalised a lot. I finally decided to shell her because I really wanted a pink haired Unoa Lusis and she has pink hair 🙂 Hope you like her!

10 facts about Pandora!

1. Pandora is a forest nymph and spirit, she protects it from human beings and helps keep nature’s balance.

2. Her animal of choice is the deer, she can turn into one. She an also turn into other animals and plants, but it is harder for her to do so.

3. She lives both in the forest and amongst the humans. In the nature she is her true self, full of life; while amongst the humans she is shy and she doesn’t talk. She goes to them searching for help, people who can help protect the forests and the animals together with her, and also to try and get the children to her side (to be nature lovers and respectful of other living beings).

4. She lives from energy of living things, she needs them to survive, and that’s why she doesn’t like artificial environments of big cities.

5. She can communicate with animals and plants. And she can read thoughts and energy.

6. Her “servants” are the little fairies (like Vanilla), they do anything for her and help her, even though she does not behave like a leader or does not give any orders.

7. She is ancient, she has lived in the nature since she was a small sprite. She had never been between humans until recently, she only observed them from a distance. But lately she is desperate, they are destroying more and more, so she decided desperate measures were needed.

8. When she is living amongst the humans she wears mori girl clothes.

9. She doesn’t need to eat but she loves sweets, she could eat only them.

10. She was born from water lily (that’s why she has pink hair).

4 thoughts on “10 facts about Pandora!

  1. Oh I loved reading about her. I find it interesting that she can transform into plants as well as animals. Is there a particular plant she favours?

    And I had to giggle when I read she had a bit of a sweet tooth. I guess she can be lured with sweets!

    • Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed 🙂 I love that she is a fantsy character but in the end she fits really well with the rest of the “wishes family”! She prefers to turn into plants that have pink flowers, it’s easier if she doesn’t have to change colors a lot. However she doesn’t have a specific plant. Usually she turns into plants when she wants to hide from humans, instead she turns into animals to explore the forest and to communicate easier with them 🙂 I think she is a bit cotton candy-ish so I imagine that she is fascinated by sweets, especially because of their textures and colors!

    • Thank you!!! I know what you mean, I love fairy creatures and nature beings too. I have a few of them in my collection: Vanilla, Pandora, Evelyn. I see her turning into a sweet and elegant deer to explore the forest faster and communicate with the animal. Deers are such delicate and beautiful animals, just like her. She has a soft spot for colourful sweets and all kinds of ice cream!

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